An Outfit AND Friday Finds For My Friends #11

This is a post mash up. You get an outfit and a link extravaganza! (I feel like Oprah a wee bit just by typing that.) My editorial calendar was a bit off this past week. I was sick and my photographer was out of town last weekend, so the norm didn’t happen. Life… It sure is interesting, isn’t it? I am starting to feel better finally. So, YAY!

Last year, before my vow to only buy quality products, I picked up a couple of blazers at Target. Two in velvet and one in plaid. Even though they were totally inexpensive they are holding it together really well. This year’s plaid one doesn’t seem as well made. I saw it in the store and the fabric is really thin. I have warned you. There.

Where did I wear this? Work. In retrospect, I probably should have added a scarf, or snazzier jewelry. Oh well…

Red Velvet Blazer - Uniqlo Gray Dress - Loeffler Randall Emma 2 Red Velvet Blazer - Uniqlo Gray Dress - Loeffler Randall Emma 1

Wearing: Blazer – Target (old, but this one is similar), Dress – Uniqlo (old, but this one is similar), Boots – Loeffler Randall, Lips – MAC (Viva Glam I).


I also have been rounding up some good stuff that I saw/read/watched/discovered this past week. Please enjoy!


Drunk J. Crew. Please just go to here. So funny.

This is the PERFECT outfit. Done. Game over. Sea of Shoes wins at chic.

I found some super awesome, super opaque tights. I’m buying more of these for the impending doom (i.e. winter) for sure.

I’m having a major black and red love affair lately. It was love at first sight with this crazy poncho/vest thing from Zara. Then I though, no… That would look like a potato sack on me. But then I saw how Chrissabella styled it and I’m totally back to loving it!!! She looks amazing.

Did you see Monica Lewinsky’s speech earlier this week? It is totally worth 25 minutes of your time.

Olivia looks so amazing in this black, body hugging dress. It has a total retro vibe, which I love. Total Joan… Not uptight Betty.

I love how Psyche styled a tunic with a denim jacket. Two of my favorite things together!!!

Do you follow Pandora? If you have never checked out this blog, you must. The photography is amazing, as is Louse. She is stunning. She also has a love of retro styling. Do check it out.

A new-to-me blog: Thrift Stories. Loving everything about it.


Thanks for stopping by friends!

The Hunt Begins

(Sorry for the SNAFU on this post last weekend. I accidentally published the Polyvore board to my site while I was editing and completely high on cold medicine. I am THAT person who should not operate any machinery while taking cold medicine that they talk about.)

While SO many men in my neck of the woods are hunting various woodland creatures, I’m hunting for something else entirely. The holiday party season is going to be approaching very, very soon and I’m going to need a dress. The Mister’s employer throws a massive, super fancy holiday party every year and it’s actually something that I look forward to going to. Why? Ummmm… Because I get to get all dressed up, and eat really good free food. Duh. I love fancy dresses and this is my one opportunity a year to sport something glitzy and glamorous.

I’ve worn black for the past two years and would like to branch out a bit. However, I can’t stop being drawn to more black dresses. It’s a sickness. There are some seriously gorgeous dresses out there, but I just can’t stomach spending a lot of money on an item that I’m only going to wear a few times. I’m too frugal. I’m am considering dress number 6 below, though. It’s striped, sparkly, has sleeves and is well under $200. That might be the one. I’ve thought about doing Rent the Runway, but I have such a problem with fit most of the time that it scares me, even with receiving two sizes.

Please be fully prepared for me to bombard you with additional dresses later. Stores are just now starting to get in their holiday party dresses. Consider yourself warned.

Do you have a big holiday party to go to this year? Have you already started looking for a dress? Where are you looking for dresses?


Holiday Dresses
  1. Cameo
  2. Eliza J
  3. Kate Spade
  4. Tibi
  5. Kate Spade
  6. Vince Camuto
  7. Top Shop
  8. Haute Hippie


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Black, White and Olive

Last week the temps here in the Detroit area were in the mid 60°s, which was totally awesome. I was even able to wear a skirt/dress sans tights, so I did. TWICE. Knowing what I know about Michigan weather, I’m pretty sure that was the last of that until spring time. The leaves on the trees are changing and are just gorgeous right now. I love living in an area with so many deciduous trees. I grew up in Southeastern Idaho, which is considered high mountain desert, so it was quite sparse tree-wise. Then I lived in Seattle for 12 years, and while it is very green, the majority of the trees there are conifers. So, Michigan wins at fall. The colors are stunning. There are so many vibrant yellows, oranges, maroons, reds everywhere. It’s just so dang pretty.

Oh hey…

Back to clothes…

Where did I wear this? I wore this to work. Yeah, it’s more on the casual end of business casual, but you know I’m a rebel.

J. Crew Gingham Shirt - Black Sweater - Loeffler Randall Emma 5 J. Crew Gingham Shirt - Black Sweater - Loeffler Randall Emma 1J. Crew Gingham Shirt - Black Sweater - Loeffler Randall Emma 2

Wearing: Shirt – J. Crew Factory, Sweater – J. Crew Factory, Pants – J. Crew Factory, Necklace – J. Crew Factory, Bracelet – Vintage, Booties – Loeffler Randall.


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PS – Thanks to those of you who answered the questions in my last post, if you haven’t answered them yet the poll is open all week. I really appreciate your feedback. The results have been really eye opening so far. More on that later…


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Questions For My Readers

Happy weekend you guys! I am so glad that it is here. I need some serious down time. Work is nutso and I now have a cold. <insert unhappy face here> I knew I would get it sooner or later… It has made its way through the entire family now, despite me pounding Vitamin D and being a total germaphobe.

I’ve had a bunch of questions swirling around in my head lately that I’d like to get your feedback on. I know what I look for/like in a blog, but that may be completely different than what you like. I want to ensure that I am in sync with you, the reader. Would you take a moment to answer the following questions. It’s anonymous, so feel free to be honest.

PS – I’m on cold medicine, so please ignore any typos. I’m looped out of my gourd.


Thank you!

Plaid, Stripes & Leopard

Oh, what the heck… Why not wear plaid, stripes and leopard together? All the cool kids are doing it. #YOLO. Where did I wear this? Out running errands on Saturday. I love wearing a blazer on cool fall days, and this one makes me feel like I’m in boarding school. Just call me Blair. I’m definitely more Blair, than Jo, but maybe throw a little Tootie in too for good measure. Minus the roller skates. I don’t want to break my hip.

Plaid Blazer - J. Crew Sailor Stripe Shirt - New Balance Kicks 5 Plaid Blazer - J. Crew Sailor Stripe Shirt - New Balance Kicks 3 Plaid Blazer - J. Crew Sailor Stripe Shirt - New Balance Kicks 4 Plaid Blazer - J. Crew Sailor Stripe Shirt - New Balance Kicks 2 Plaid Blazer - J. Crew Sailor Stripe Shirt - New Balance Kicks 1 Plaid Blazer - J. Crew Sailor Stripe Shirt - New Balance Kicks 6

Wearing: Blazer – Target (old, but this one is similar), Shirt – J. Crew (old, this one is close), Denim – J. Crew Factory, Leopard Belt – J. Crew Factory, Shoes – New Balance via J. Crew, Bag – Coach, Sunnies – Dolce & Gabbana (old), Lips – M.A.C. (Viva Glam 1).


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PS – Thanks for all your kind words about the whole “I can’t do it all” freak out in my last post. You guys are awesome.


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