Review: Grana Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater

I have one final Grana cashmere sweater to show you and I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite. As I shared last week, the folks at Grana sent me some of their product to review. They had no requirement for number of posts. They had no requirement for positive reviews. They had no requirement for anything. I’m sharing this look because I really like the sweater. I’m wearing the Grana Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater in burgundy. I love the color, and I love the simple classic shape. I wore this sweater three times over the past week. Shhhhhh… Don’t tell any work peeps or any of my friends. I don’t want them thinking I’m gross.

This crew is simply great. I love that basic crews are like a blank slate. You can dress them up or down. Granted, this is a really basic look that I wore to work. (Look at me wearing real pants! I still hate pants.) However, I am looking forward to wearing this with an obnoxiously sparkly necklace soon. It also looks great with a pair of jeans and booties or retro sneakers for a casual look. I want it in black or navy and plan to buy it after I make it out of January. I’m trying to succeed at “no spend” January.

grana-cashmere-crew-sweater-review-3 grana-cashmere-crew-sweater-review-4 grana-cashmere-crew-sweater-review-2 grana-cashmere-crew-sweater-review-1Wearing: Cashmere Crew Sweater – c/o Grana, Pants – Banana Republic, Shoes – Everlane, Bag – Coach (old), Coat – J. Crew (old).


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Review: Grana Boyfriend Crew Neck Cashmere Sweater

Today I’ve got another great Grana cashmere sweater to share with you. As I mentioned on Monday, the kind folks at Grana sent me some items to review. All opinions on the product are my own. If you missed Monday’s post, let me suggest that you click here for a rundown on the company and why I decided to try them out.

I’m wearing the Grana Boyfriend Crew Neck style today. The style is slouchy like the v-neck, but you know…  It’s a crew neck. It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but this style also has a dropped shoulder seam like the v-neck. What I really like about these “boyfriend” style sweaters is that they are roomy enough to layer and not have weird lumps and bumps show through the sweater. The cashmere is just as amazing as the other sweater. It’s soft and thick enough that there is no show through. I really love Grana’s cashmere offerings.

I know you are thinking “how does this cashmere compare to Everlane’s cashmere”? I’d say it’s very, very, very similar. I wouldn’t be able to tell a difference if there weren’t labels on them. What I like about Grana is the classic styles that they offer. While I love Everlane, many of their cashmere styles are quite modern or fashion forward and they don’t fit my frame well. I love the cropped and boxy look…  Just not on me. Grana provides more classic silhouettes that work better with my body type.

grana-boyfriend-crew-neck-cashmere-sweater, 40 plus style blogger, 40+ style blogger grana-boyfriend-crew-neck-cashmere-sweater-review black cashmere sweater, black short wool skirt, black tights, over 40 style blogger, over 40 fashion blogger grana-boyfriend-crew-neck-cashmere-sweater review, 40+ style blogger, 40+ styleblogger, 40+ fashion blogger how to wear a miniskirt with tights, 40+ style blogger, over 40 style bloggerWearing: Cashmere Sweater – c/o Grana, Shirt – J. Crew Factory (old), Skirt – J. Crew (old), Bag – J. Crew, Shoes – Rag & Bone (old).

If you are interested in giving Grana a try, I can sweeten the deal. They provided me with a discount code that will give you 10% off and free worldwide shipping. Use ASHLEYxGRANA at checkout. This code is good through the end of February.

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Review: Grana Cashmere Boyfriend V-Neck & Silk Classic Shirt

A few weeks ago the folks at Grana reached out to me to see if I would be interested in reviewing some of their products. It was quite serendipitous, as I had just learned about the company a few weeks before they contacted me. I’m contacted every now and again by companies wanting me to feature/review a product, and I’m very selective about this sort of thing. I most often decline, usually because the product doesn’t mesh well with my high standards for quality or style. You all know how dang picky I am.

There are several reasons that I said yes to Grana. First, I liked the styles of their products. They offer classic wardrobe workhorse pieces. Secondly, I did some research after discovering them and learned about their philosophy regarding quality. They travel the globe trying to find the best quality fabrics for their products. The actual fabric an item is made of is hugely important to me. I hate ordering stuff online specifically because I want to see and touch the fabric. There is nothing more disappointing than receiving an item that you thought looked amazing online only to discover that it is junk upon arrival.

They have a smart business model in place, so they can offer their high quality products at reasonable prices. Read about that here. Another reason why I was interested in giving them a try is their ethics/code of conduct policy. I’m trying to make a real effort to support companies that create quality pieces while also treating their workers fairly and ethically (and use suppliers who do the same). The more I educate myself about “fast fashion” companies and the havoc that the industry wreaks on the environment and people the more I’m disappointed in myself for supporting it. Am I 100% there yet? No. Am I making an effort to change? Yes.

I told the folks at Grana flat out that I would be 100% honest in my review about their products. So, if I thought their product sucked I was going to tell my readers that. You (and they) will be happy to know that their products do NOT in fact suck. I’m thrilled with the quality. Granted, I don’t have the time invested yet to know how the items wash and wear, but I will report back.

I’m wearing two of the items they sent for review below: The Cashmere Boyfriend V-Neck and the Silk Classic Shirt. First, the cashmere is top notch. It’s so soft AND warm. I love the slouchiness of this style. It’s more relaxed and casual than your regular run of the mill v-neck sweater. I love the dropped shoulder seams. I wore it to work earlier this week with a tank underneath it and that looked great too. Oh, and Grana sent a cashmere comb with the sweater. Cashmere is going to pill. It just does. This will help to keep my cashmere looking it’s best.

The silk shirt is simply a very well made beautiful classic. It’s going to go with so many things in my closet. There are tons of silk options on their website. If you are a silk lover you really need to check out their offerings. Result? I’m thrilled with both. Would I recommend these products to you? Yes. Wholeheartedly. Would I spend my own money these? Absolutely. They have won me over.

grana-boyfriend-v-neck-cashmere-sweater-review, 40 + style blogger, 40 + fashion blogger grey slouchy cashmere v-neck sweater, black silk shirt, over 40 style blogger, over 40 fashion blogger classic winter weekend look featuring a grey grana-boyfriend-v-neck-cashmere-sweater and silk shirt, 40 + style blogger, 40 + fashion bloger grana-boyfriend-v-neck-cashmere-sweater-2 grana-boyfriend-v-neck-cashmere-sweater-6

Wearing: Cashmere Sweater -c/o Grana, Silk Shirt – c/o Grana, Denim – J. Crew, Booties – Loeffler Randall, Bag – J. Crew.

If you are interested in giving Grana a try, I can sweeten the deal. They provided me with a discount code that will give you 10% off and free worldwide shipping. Use ASHLEYxGRANA at checkout. This code is good through the end of February.

A note on sizing… Take a look at the size charts. Their products run smaller than your typical North American sizing. I’m wearing a medium in the sweater because it’s quite relaxed. However, the shirt is a large. I’m typically a medium in most US based clothing stores because we believe in vanity sizing and are a bunch of fatties.


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