Tide Pools and Ferns

The brighter colors of spring and summer are really calling my name lately, especially the blues and greens. They remind me of the sea, beach glass, blue skies and lush tropical resorts. I had to wear a bunch of black clothes last week due to cool weather and it really bummed me out. I was sort of stomping around like a pouty kid about it. I’m SO tired of the drab colors. This is highly unlike me… Black is my favorite color. What is going on? I’m confused. Somebody hold me.

These blue and green pieces have caught my eye recently.


1. Skirt – Anthropologie
2. Bracelet – Kate Spade
3. Necklace – BaubleBar
4. Scarf – Old Navy
5. Dress – Anthropologie
6. Pants – J. Crew
7. Shirts – Gap
8. Shoes – Anthropologie
9. Bag – Kate Spade

Of, all of them I’m loving the green and white chevron skirt from Anthropologie the most. I love the bohemian look in the summertime and might just have to add it to my stalking list. Of course, I wouldn’t say no to that blue parrot dress either. Pretty!

Have a great day and stay classy!


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