Booties For Fall

Boots are hands down my favorite type of shoe. I have a plethora of tall boots in varying shades and several booties in black, but no booties in a neutral color. So, that has been an item I have been searching for to add to my wardrobe for fall. I actually bought several pairs of booties during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and ended up returning them. I changed my mind, OK? One pair just didn’t fit well and the other was just too pricey for something that I knew would end up getting destroyed. Suede. Suede and salty Michigan winters do not go well together.

I’ve compiled a bevy of booties for your viewing pleasure. I ended up purchasing one of the pairs pictured below. Which one do you think it is? One hint: It’s the cheapest pair.



  1. Cole Haan – Cassidy Bootie
  2. Ralph Lauren – Macie
  3. Sam Edelman – Petty
  4. Rachel Comey – Mars Bootie
  5. Sam Edelman – Lucca Four Buckle Bootie
  6. Seychelles – Scoundrel
  7. Kate Spade – Roger Bootie
  8. Crown Vintage – Samantha Bootie
  9. Stuart Weitzman – Prancing

2 thoughts on “Booties For Fall

  1. Aaah. I am so excited! I used to follow your blog forever ago and then somehow found you on Pinterest (I am totally sounding like a creeper. Such is life.) Anyway, I loved your wit on that old blog AND you introduced me to This American LIfe, which I looove. (I got to see Ira Glass in Augusta, Georgia (of all places?) a few years ago and he was awesome. Anyway. I have a blog and it is sporadic and not funny, but I am linking to it so you can see that I have a life and am not a creeper. Ha ha. Anyway, I love your fashion & art pins on Pinterest and am pretty excited that you have a blog. Also, I want the Seychelles booties. I finish a year of studying Armenian (holy hell that was crazy difficult!) on Friday, so I am thinking I probably need to treat myself…

    • Get out of town! I love that you found me again. The Interwebs are a strange and wonderful place. Thanks for the note and thanks for linking me to your blog. I hope you like the shallowness of this blog. 🙂

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