The Bitch is Back… Back in Black

OK… I’ll admit that I don’t don a lot of black in summer. I prefer to go lighter and brighter, but if you were to ask me what my favorite color is I would immediately say BLACK. Come fall and winter the black is back and it is back in full force. Nothing makes me feel more powerful. Heck, all powerful… Like Darth Vader. Jedi mind choke, bitches.

It’s slimming, it goes with everything and it even goes with more black.  It’s pretty much magic.  Some people say that they think it is too harsh, but not me.  I think it is the color (OK, shade if we are going to get technical) that compliments my coloring the best.  I pick it over and over and over.  And don’t get me started on black bags and footwear.  Just don’t.

Here are some recent black goodies that I’ve been ogling.

Back in Black
2.  Zara – Funnel Collar Dress
3.  H&M – Jersey Dress
4.  H&M – Embroidered Blouse
5.  Nordstrom – Tildon Patchwork Dandy Dress
6.  Zara – Long Ribbed Dress
Just a few more weeks and fall will be here and we can don our bitch suits.

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