Everywhere I turn I see metallic these days.  How do you wear it without looking like the Tin Man or C-3PO?  You keep it minimal and pair with subtle basics.  Please keep the flash factor to a minimum.

Metallic shoes are a really easy way to wear the trend.  You like metallic?  You like shoes?  DONE.  Silver can easily be paired with gray and gold with browns and tans.  If you are looking to try out the metallic trend, that is a great place to start.  Ease your way into it.  If shoes scare you, go for other accessories, like a belt or purse.  If that scares you, try nail polish.

These are some of my favorite metallic pieces.  I die for that gold skirt every time I see it.  Love.

  1. J. Crew – Sloane Mirror Metallic Pumps
  2. Topshop – Metallic Leather Swing Tee
  3. Essie Nail Polish
  4. Gap – Metallic Loafers
  5. Mango (via ASOS) – Skinny Metallic Belt
  6. ASOS – Leather Satchel
  7. Dorothy Perkins – Izabel Black Metallic Print Jumper
  8. Zara – Pointed Moccasin With Tassel
  9. Zara – Metallic Leather Skirt


Here’s how Christine from My Style Pill wore some pumps similar to the J. Crew ones.  Leather pants and a gray slub tee?  Yes please.  I also love how Kendi from Kendi Everyday styled similar shoes.  Totally different looks.  Check it out, yo.

Here’s an easy way to wear those cute shoes in number 8.

Metallic Shoes
Have a great day and stay classy, bitches!

2 thoughts on “Metallic-a

  1. So how do you feel about mixing metallics? I’m dying for a pair of gold heels, but not sure I can make them work with my mostly silver jewelry (or rhinestone/jewel accented clothing that is primarily silver). Thoughts?!?

    • You know… That’s funny, because up until just recently I couldn’t deal with mixing. I’ve always been pretty fussy about stuff matching. However, I’ve been mixing the gold and the silver lately and I didn’t die. Do it!

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