Dreaming of Warmer Days and Retro Kicks

Oh, January… Sigh… You are cruel. Your temperatures are frigid, yet spring has sprung in the stores. The winter clothing that remains on the sale racks is picked over, pilled, stretched out of shape, or a size double 00. It’s depressing going into the stores because I have such a long, long, LONG time to go until the great thaw here in Michigan. 

I hate pants (down with pants!), which is another reason I loathe winter.  Don’t get me wrong…  I’m OK with jeans, and skinny cropped pants, but real full-length pants are just dreadful.  They don’t look good on me, trousers are especially heinous.  Annually at this time of year I have a freak out about my pants situation.  It’s too cold for skirts and cropped pants, but I hate my full length pants.  I’ve taken to wearing fleece lined tights/leggings to avoid pants.  It is single digits as I type this.  Brrrrrrrrr…

So, anyhoo…  Enough about my frigidity.  Well, not MY frigidity, the weather’s frigidity…

I’m dreaming of those glorious warmer days, when I can kick my pants to the curb and go bare-legged.  YAY!  I’m also totally picking up a pair of retro kicks this year.  Oh, yes.  I am.  I might just wear them with some striped tube socks too.

Here are a few pieces I wouldn’t mind adding to the wardrobe for spring.


  • Dress:   J. Crew
  • Denim Jacket:  Madewell
  • Retro Kicks:  J. Crew
  • Necklace:  J. Crew
  • Bracelets:  Baublebar
  • Purse:  Coach  (OK, I actually already own this purse.)
  • Have a great day and stay classy!


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