Black & Leopard

Leopard is really just a basic.  So, let’s all just get on board with that idea and everything will be awesome.  Capiche?  I picked up this lovely dress at J. Crew a while back for an incredible steal.  I think it ended up being $47.  I love a good deal.  No, really.  I LOVE A GOOD DEAL.  Nothing makes me happier. Well, maybe watching videos of Corgi puppies on YouTube.  But I digress…

The thing about this lovely dress is that it is short-sleeved and I live in Michigan where it is currently freezing balls.  That is the technical term.  The only way that I was going to be able to wear this dress anytime before spring was if I layered.  I didn’t want to wear something over it, because HELLO…  Cute zippers.  So, I decided to layer underneath.  Voila!  Cute and warm.

It was snowing again when these pictures were taken.  I know you are shocked.  So, those are snowflakes not fuzzies on my lovely dress.

Black Dress Leopard Shirt 015 copy 2Black Dress Leopard Shirt 027 copy 2Black Dress Leopard Shirt 017 copy 2v2Black Dress Leopard Shirt 024 copy 2

My dog is a stalker.  I thought it was funny that he snuck in to this picture.

Wearing:  Dress – J. Crew, Shirt – J. Crew Factory (old), Boots – Born, Glasses – Kala: Morgan 2 (Made in the USA!), Bracelet – J. Crew Factory, Necklace – Jane, Dog – Jake the English Springer Spaniel (Rescue dogs are the best dogs.)


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16 thoughts on “Black & Leopard

  1. We have the same life philosophies on leopard (neutral!), layering (the only good thing about freezing balls climates) and rescue dogs ( love!).

    And you look smashing, my dear!

  2. ha ha! I love that your dog is there, like yup…this is MY spot.

    Good on you for getting out in the snow to take the photos. I gave up on that months ago.

    I love the whole outfit.


  3. If I have to look at leopard ONE MORE TIME, at least I can look at it on someone who used it really, really well. Very cute look, and I’m a huge fan of layering other-season outfits. It’s fun. Leopard works especially well in winter … even in a sheer print, and this is an unusual but refreshing way to wear it. Nifty styling, young lady!

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