In the Navy

Somewhere along the way I have really begun to like the color navy.  Not sure how that happened because I have always and forever been  a “black” girl.  I still am, but I also like having this new option open up for me.  Still dark and slimming, yet different.  Is it an old lady thing?  Am I losing my edge?  Ha!  I lost that about 13 years ago, which is fine…  I’m too tired to have an edge.

These are some lovely navy colored pieces that I have my eye on.

In the Navy
  1. Sincerely Jules Pullover
  2. Jaime’s Party Skirt
  3. Hatch – Pocket Shirtdress
  4. Gap – Luxlight Stripe Sweater
  5. Maxi Shirt
  6. Addidas – Dragon kicks
  7. Zara – Saffiano Leather Mini City Bag
  8. Gap – Reverse Terry Dress
  9. J. Crew Factory – Draped Pocket Tee

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