Keeping it Real. Real Real.

Happy day peeps!  Hope all is well in your part of the world.  We’ve had a bi-polar week.  And by polar, I mean polar vortex.  Yeah…   It was -12° (with a -25° wind chill) earlier in the week and school was cancelled AGAIN, then later in the week it was up to 34°.  I can handle temperatures in the 30s.  The 30s are fine by me.  We got another 7 inches of snow on Saturday too.  It is never going to stop wintering here.  I just know it.

So, anyhoo…

I’m all for dressing fancy, but I’m also all for sporting a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt.  Add some bling and kicky boots to sass it up and you have just made my day.  Where did I wear this?  Work.  We have casual Fridays and I rather enjoy pushing the boundaries.  Which really isn’t hard to do since I work in an office full of engineers who wear pleated khaki pants. There are 9 males to every female there.  Man land.  Yet a woman had to fix the light bulb that was hanging down all cattywhompus in the fridge.


Navy Sweatshirt - Jeans - Kicky Boots 5Navy Sweatshirt - Jeans - Kicky Boots 4 Navy Sweatshirt - Jeans - Kicky Boots 7

Navy Sweatshirt - Jeans - Kicky Boots 3 Navy Sweatshirt - Jeans - Kicky Boots 1 Navy Sweatshirt - Jeans - Kicky Boots 6

Wearing:  Sweatshirt – J. Crew (Sold out but this one is similar.), Jeans  (matchstick fit) – J. Crew Factory, Necklace – J. Crew Factory (old), Boots – Crown Vintage, Bracelet – J. Crew Factory, Glasses – Kala

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11 thoughts on “Keeping it Real. Real Real.

  1. We got a snow delay this morning for rain, which was pretty fun, but now it is supposed to snow this afternoon. I am pretty tired of the snow and not sure how we are supposed to go another month and a half to two months with winter. I am DONE with it! But! Your outfit is pretty freaking cute, so at least there’s that! #downwithwinter

  2. So…which female was it that changed the light bulb? 🙂 I get the feeling you could wear whatever you wanted no matter the day of the week because all the engineers are afraid you’ll kick their ass if they say anything! And I like that about you. 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up again with Manic Monday. 🙂 -Gina
    On the Daily Express

  3. That sounds like a bunch of engineers! I’ve been married to one for 17 years and I am way more handy with everyday things around the house then he is. 🙂 Your outfit is almost identical to what I wore shopping with my daughter yesterday!

  4. So this will sound weird but you look familiar to me. Did you go to Michigan Tech or NMU? You look like someone I went to Tech with and you live in Michigan and work with engineers……just thought I’d ask. Really, I’m not a weirdo😬

      • Not since college. We’re in Florida through the end of the year. Long story but we’ve lived in many places. Hoping this next upcoming move is the last and hopefully to NE Ohio

  5. Hahaha! Awesome about the light bulb! I work in development/construction, so it is very much man land! Definitely a good part of the reason I even have this blog! Nice to have estrogen support sometimes!
    I have booties like that – aren’t they the best?! They seriously go with everything!

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