Visiting Hogwarts

There is a private school not too far from us that is amazing.  The architecture is beautiful, as are the grounds.  Seeing as though tuition for lower grades is $20,000 per year and high school is $30,000 per year it better be DAMN amazing.  GAH.  That is more expensive than many colleges.  Can you even imagine? Yeah…  Me neither. We call it Hogwarts, due to the castle-like buildings and stone walls. Unfortunately, I do not believe magic is any part of the curriculum.  All that money and no divination classes? LAME.  It works as a great backdrop for pictures though.

I’m jealous of all of you in more moderate climates.  We have had a hell of a winter here in Michigan and it doesn’t look like its grasp on us will be loosened anytime soon.  So, I’ll silently seethe over here in all of my woolen clothing as you guys all start sporting spring looks. Jerks. I’ll be in turtlenecks until May. I just know it.

And yes…  Those are snowflake specs (not dandruff) that you see on me.

Maroon Sweater - Black top - Gray Skirt 4Maroon Sweater - Black top - Gray Skirt 6Maroon Sweater - Black top - Gray Skirt 5Maroon Sweater - Black top - Gray Skirt 2Maroon Sweater - Black top - Gray Skirt 3Maroon Sweater - Black top - Gray SkirtMaroon Sweater - Black top - Gray Skirt 7

Wearing:  Sweater – J. Crew, Skirt – J. Crew (I bought it in tall.  And yes, I have worn it a million times here on the blog.  It is just so versatile.), Top – T.J. Maxx (ancient), Necklace – J. Crew Factory, Belt – J. Crew Factory, Bag – Coach (old), Bracelets – J. Crew and vintage, Booties – Born (old), Nail Polish – Essie (Hot Cocoa).

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12 thoughts on “Visiting Hogwarts

  1. I swear this winter is the winter straight from Hell…which must have also frozen over by now.

    The deep shade of red here is gorgeous. Very classic with the black and grey.

    Let’s beat up all those guys with spring temps and tulips blooming! We can throw snowballs at them.


  2. Looking pretty magical yourself … great combinations and the sparkle just makes it perfect.

    I was in college in the early 60s and dinked around until the 80s to get my degree. I’m sickened by the tuition hikes, and even more disheartened by the poor quality of what kids get for their money.

    The weather here this winter has been so hard on our rural restaurant … when it snows, people don’t dine out! I love the seasons, but they’ve become difficult in ways they haven’t been before.
    I envy everyone who lives anywhere else!

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