Mad for Plaid

I’ve got a thing for super fancy blazers from Target.  Can you tell?  I especially love this crazy plaid one I picked up last fall.  It makes me feel like I am attending boarding school, which I SO wanted to do when I was wee.  Why?  Probably because I lived in Idaho and wanted to be anywhere but there.  Idaho smells like cow poo.  True story.  I also wanted to change my name to Blair Warner.  She was my favorite character from The Facts of Life.

Where did I wear this?  Casual Friday at the office, baby.

Navy Plaid Blazer - Jeans - Booties 1Navy Plaid Blazer - Jeans 2Navy Plaid Blazer - Jeans - Booties 3Navy Plaid Blazer - Jeans - Booties 4 Navy Plaid Blazer - Jeans - Booties 7Navy Plaid Blazer - Jeans - Booties 6Navy Plaid Blazer - Jeans - Booties 8Navy Plaid Blazer - Jeans - Booties 9

Wearing:  Blazer – Target, Shirt – J. Crew Factory, Jeans (Matchstick Fit) – J. Crew Factory, Booties – Crown Vintage, Necklace – Jane, Bracelet – J. Crew Factory

And yes…  It is still snowing here in Michigan.


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14 thoughts on “Mad for Plaid

  1. LOVE that blazer. Love the whole outfit in fact.

    I’d save you but since we have almost the exact same weather I don’t know that it would help you much. Last night we had a big thunderstorm with loads of rain rain ON TOP of all the snow. It’s going to be one huge skating rink outside as soon as it freezes again tomorrow.

    Please someone…make it stop!


  2. Love the The Facts of Life link since there may actually be women under 40 reading this who have no idea who Blair Warner was! I always wanted to be Jo which made no sense since in real life I was and am a girly-girl. My sister and I did think it would be cool to attend a boarding school and wear uniforms, though we also thought it’d be cool to live in a loft like Mary and Laura Ingalls. Those were the days of great t.v. shows! Great look!

  3. Um, obviously I love plaid 😉 And I totally keep convincing my husband that if we have another child, his/her name has to be Blair (partially because of Blair Walsh (kicker for the Vikings), partially because of Blair Warner). Stopped by to thank you for linking up with The Collective for February!

  4. You are too funny. Minnesota weather is driving me crazy too. I see all the fun spring clothes on the blogs and I can’t wear any of it here. Well your jacket is lovely and the plaid is fun, you look great!

    blue hue wonderland

  5. Awwwh. Cool, preppy and very boarding school alum ! I understand dressing for where you want to be rather than where you are … it is my driving force for my entire wardrobe as an unwilling West Coast transplant to Arkansas.

  6. I grew up in Idaho and lived in the south (La. & Fla.) for 24 years and then had the good sense to move back to Idaho in 2002. When we first moved into our subdivision I could smell the cows and horses nearby. Now that civilization has taken over, I really miss that smell. We’ve had a miserable winter here, yet today it reached 61 degrees. You look fabulous in your plaid blazer. When I was in 6th grade, in another century….I had a cool plaid skirt that made me feel like I was from Scotland.

      • Thanks for answering. I grew up in Boise, the cradle of Idaho civilization, and now live in Meridian, the 2nd largest city in Idaho. Hope you are finding spring, my daffodils and tulips are coming up.

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