Questions For My Readers

Happy weekend you guys! I am so glad that it is here. I need some serious down time. Work is nutso and I now have a cold. <insert unhappy face here> I knew I would get it sooner or later… It has made its way through the entire family now, despite me pounding Vitamin D and being a total germaphobe.

I’ve had a bunch of questions swirling around in my head lately that I’d like to get your feedback on. I know what I look for/like in a blog, but that may be completely different than what you like. I want to ensure that I am in sync with you, the reader. Would you take a moment to answer the following questions. It’s anonymous, so feel free to be honest.

PS – I’m on cold medicine, so please ignore any typos. I’m looped out of my gourd.


Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Questions For My Readers

  1. I love your posts and will keep reading regardless of frequency but I love seeing what outfits you’re putting together and background doesn’t matter so much to me. I’m just as happy with garage pictures as I am the pictures with great locations. Of course, I also understand all about crazy busy life, so I’m happy with one post a week if that’s what works with your schedule. Hope you feel better soon!

Comments are fun! I love reading and responding to them.

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