Black, White and Olive

Last week the temps here in the Detroit area were in the mid 60°s, which was totally awesome. I was even able to wear a skirt/dress sans tights, so I did. TWICE. Knowing what I know about Michigan weather, I’m pretty sure that was the last of that until spring time. The leaves on the trees are changing and are just gorgeous right now. I love living in an area with so many deciduous trees. I grew up in Southeastern Idaho, which is considered high mountain desert, so it was quite sparse tree-wise. Then I lived in Seattle for 12 years, and while it is very green, the majority of the trees there are conifers. So, Michigan wins at fall. The colors are stunning. There are so many vibrant yellows, oranges, maroons, reds everywhere. It’s just so dang pretty.

Oh hey…

Back to clothes…

Where did I wear this? I wore this to work. Yeah, it’s more on the casual end of business casual, but you know I’m a rebel.

J. Crew Gingham Shirt, J Crew Factory Black Sweater, J Crew Factory olive pants, Loeffler Randall Emma bootie black, over 40 fashion blogger, 40 + fashion blogger, over 40 personal style blogger J. Crew Gingham Shirt - Black Sweater - Loeffler Randall Emma 1J. Crew Gingham Shirt - Black Sweater - Loeffler Randall Emma 2

Wearing: Shirt – J. Crew Factory, Sweater – J. Crew Factory, Pants – J. Crew Factory, Necklace – J. Crew Factory, Bracelet – Vintage, Booties – Loeffler Randall.


Thanks so much for stopping by and stay classy my friends!


PS – Thanks to those of you who answered the questions in my last post, if you haven’t answered them yet the poll is open all week. I really appreciate your feedback. The results have been really eye opening so far. More on that later…


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40 thoughts on “Black, White and Olive

  1. Hi! Such nice fall pictures! I like your shirt. By the way, the link in your disqus profile didn’t work for me twice; you may want to look into it just in case.

  2. Did I ever tell you I lived in Ypsi for about 5 years before moving to St. Louis? I definitely miss summers and falls there. Definitely so beautiful, and I’m loving your backdrop! A little jealous! Your outfit is the epitome of fall and I’m loving it! I shall wear my gingham with olive! Great combo!

  3. Can I just say I geeked out a bit with your tree type wording. I feel the same way about VA in the fall. Growing up in New England it was nice on Labor Day and then frost the first day of school. I love the colors here and the extended season, I can only imagine it in Michigan.

    OH- and the outfit? I LOVE it!! Don’t forget to link up at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday.


  4. You’re right. Michigan wins. It’s gorgeous. But maybe you just take amazing photos, because Jersey has foliage like that, but my photos don’t come out quite the same haha Btw, love that your outfit is J.Crew Factory everything! My work wardrobe for a good six months was basically the J.Crew Factory catalogue hahah

    Dear Sunny Vintage

    • I sort of go back and forth where I either LOVE everything in the J. Crew Factory store or HATE everything in the store. Right now I love it. So many things at the regular J. Crew store are huge and boxy right now. I know it’s the “in” look, but it doesn’t look good on me. I’m ready to move on from that.

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