For the Love of Everything Good and Camel

I’m having a serious love affair with all things camel colored these days. I’ve mainly been on the hunt for a camel colored wool coat, but in my hunt I have found all sorts of great camel colored items. These are a few of the items that have caught my eye. I don’t know if any of these will end up in my closet, but you never know. If the stars align some of them just might…

I pretty much just need to win the lottery.

For the Love of Camel


1. Skirt – J. Crew Factory
2. Coat – Uniqlo
4. Clutch – Loeffler Randall
5. Boots – Loeffler Randall
6. Dress – Zara
7. Cashmere Sweater – Everlane
8. Cashmere Scarf – H&M
9. Coat – Madewell
10. Bag – Coach
11. Pants – Zara
12. Blazer – J. Crew
Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend and safe Halloween!

2 thoughts on “For the Love of Everything Good and Camel

  1. oh i am full on in love with camel right now. it just looks so so classy and chic! I have been living in my camel coat i bought and keep thinking up new outfits with it too! Definitely a good purchase on my behalf for once haha! i can’t even pick a favourite from the above as they are all so so perfect!!XX

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