I’m a Joan, Not a Betty

I’m a big fan of the pencil skirt. I’m also a big fan of retro styling, which is probably why I like pencil skirts. Something about wearing a wool pencil skirt and a 3/4 length sleeve merino sweater always makes me feel like Joan from Mad Men. It’s simple, yet subtly sexy. I’m not a fan of overt sexiness, which I’m sure you have figured out by now. I just don’t feel comfortable dressing like that. If you do, that is great. It’s a personal preference.

There are so many different brands that offer pencil skirts, but I have to tell you, my favorite wool pencil skirt is from J. Crew Factory. The length hits right above the knee, as opposed to the skirts from the “regular” store, which hit me at the bottom of the knee. I think a hem line that hits right above the knee is a bit more flattering on me. I have this skirt in several colors and just might pick up another to get me through winter.

Where did I wear this? I wore this to work.

J. Crew Black Merino Sweater, J Crew Factory Pencil Skirt, Nordstrom Halogen Leopard Pumps, Coach bag, black tights, statement necklace, over 40 fashion blogger, 40+ fashion blogger, over 40 personal style blogger1 J. Crew Black Merino Sweater - Pencil Skirt - Leopard Pumps 3J. Crew Black Merino Sweater - Pencil Skirt - Leopard Pumps 2

Wearing: Sweater – J. Crew Factory, Skirt – J. Crew Factory, Tights – Target, Leopard Pumps – Nordstrom, Bag – Coach, Necklace – J. Crew, Bracelets – J. Crew Factory and Vintage.


Thanks so much for stopping by and stay classy my friends!


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16 thoughts on “I’m a Joan, Not a Betty

  1. I agree with you on subtle sexiness, so much better than letting it all hang out (pun intended, just thinking about all those 20 somethings influenced by the likes of Miley Curys et al…). Classy is always so much more interesting, and we could do a lot worse than having Joan as a style icon… Love the shoes, by the way.

  2. I love pencil skirts on others, but I’ve always been worried about wearing one myself because my ass….erm…projects too much. Then again, so does Kim Kardashian’s and I don’t hate her in pencil skirts; quite the opposite. Maybe I should try? You wear yours fabulously. Classy and elegant.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!! Such a fan of this look and I loved scrolling down and seeing those leopard shoes. It’s funny, I’m a fan of the Joan look more and it fits my body better too but my best friend says I look like Betty all the time. Ha. I just think it’s the hair.

    Looking forward to our linkup tomorrow!


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