Just Add Stripes

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I had a good one. I even got to meet up with Cynthia from My Rose Colored Shades for a lady date! We only live about 5 minutes away from one another, but this is the first time we have met, because you know… The Internet… And we weren’t 100% sure the other person wasn’t a serial killer. We met for coffee and talked and talked and talked. It wasn’t even awkward. Yay! New friends! If you don’t already read her blog, you totally should go check it out.

Now that the temperatures have dipped (ummmm… brrrrrr…) I’m back at the layering game. I love this wool dress that I picked up at J. Crew last year, but short-sleeves are not going to cut it. It’s like they WANT me to freeze. I always wear it with a long sleeved shirt of some kind. (Here I styled with leopard and here I styled it with denim.) This is one of those pieces that J. Crew Factory replicated this season, so if you like the dress, you can pick it up there. The Factory version is ponte’ though, not wool.

Where did I wear this? I wore this to work.

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J. Crew Wool Zip Dress - Sailor Stripe Tee - Loeffler Randal Bootie 3 J. Crew Wool Zip Dress - Sailor Stripe Tee - Loeffler Randal Bootie 2 J. Crew Wool Zip Dress - Sailor Stripe Tee - Loeffler Randal Bootie 4 J. Crew Wool Zip Dress - Sailor Stripe Tee - Loeffler Randal Bootie 5

Wearing: Dress – J. Crew (old, but here is the J. Crew Factory version), Shirt – J. Crew (old), Boots – Loeffler Randall, Bag – Coach, Necklace – J. Crew Factory, Trench Coat – H&M (old), Tights – Target, Lips – M.A.C. (Viva Glam).


Thanks so much for stopping by friends! Stay classy!


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30 thoughts on “Just Add Stripes

  1. Cute dress. I always prefer dresses with short sleeves, or withiout sleeves, even for winter. But I usually wear them with a cardi, anyway. A short-sleeved dress with a cashmere cardi, that’s winter work outfit…

    • I have the hardest time with short sleeved dresses. I love them, but always end up layering underneath because they look super bulky underneath a cardigan. I’m broad shouldered so I’m weird about things adding bulk. I’m really just weird.

  2. I’m pretty new to your blog. Love your sense of humor and style! And it’s fun to read a blog from a fellow Michigander. You look fabulous in this outfit. Love it!

  3. Serial killer…you crack me up! I was gonna say “you kill me” but that would be so predictable. It was so much fun chatting up with you. We definitely need to make another date, maybe over cocktails next time. Love the pop of color via the red and white striped shirt. Have a great week, Ashley! ~Cynthia

    • Hee hee!!! Funny! Can’t wait for next time! PS – I saw The Root when I took Ava out for a riding lesson yesterday. I’ve driven by it a ton of times. It IS in a weird place! What in the world… Then my SIL was telling us we should go there too, last night. So, I guess we are going to have to go.

  4. I recently paired a short sleeve cashmere v-neck with a oxford button down and thought of you! I even think I was subconsciously inspired by you! So now every time I do a paring of long sleeves and short sleeves, I’m going to call it the Ashley 😛


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