Fancy Finds #11

Good heart

Wow you guys…  I AM SO GLAD IT IS FRIDAY. This week has about killed me. Work has been ROUGH. I’m totally drained and am so ready to have the weekend off to recharge. The Mister and I even have a date night planned for Saturday. Woot woot!


Here are a few things that I have enjoyed or caught my attention this past week. Happy reading!

A new to me blog, but not a new to me person. I used to follow Carrie 9 million years ago when I was a scrapbooker. Now we both seem to prefer embellishments of the accessory persuasion. You will TOTALLY want to add her to your feed.

This look is a few weeks old, but I can’t stop thinking about it. Black and white stripes and emerald green? Yes, please. I love Krystin’s look here. So classy and chic.

Olivia does layering so well. Camel and plaid. Swoon.

Rachel really needs to wear purple more often, because she looks amazing in this color!

Check out Jennie… Stripes, polka dots and burgundy tights. It works SO well!

Love this list Catherine from Not Dressed as Lamb put together for the over 40 blogger. MY PEEPS!

Plaid two ways? Yes please! Grace did it up right. TWICE.

J. Crew has a ton of new arrivals. Uh oh. I’ll take this, and this, and this. I pretty much want all of their new arrivals. I wasn’t too keen on a lot of the fall items because everything was so big and boxy, but this release is SO good. And sparkly.

Happy weekend friends!


4 thoughts on “Fancy Finds #11

  1. Ashley thank you so much for adding my post to your links – I’m really glad everyone is finding the resource guide helpful! Hopefully you saw the next day’s post with the 40+ fashion bloggers feature as well…? x

    I’ll be checking out some of the other links you’ve included as well 🙂

    Catherine x

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