Denim Jacket With Burgundy and Olive

These olive pants are in frequent rotation. Chinos have always been difficult for me to find. I love the look, but 99% of the chinos I try on make me look like a pudgy fuddy duddy. (Say that five times fast!) Not generally the look I shoot for. These are tapered and cropped above the ankle, which is a style that works well with my generous curves. I also love the large flap pockets. Did you know that large pockets are butt camouflage? It’s true. Large pockets with flaps are super butt camouflage. The more you know…

Here is another way that I styled these pants a few weeks back.

J Crew Denim Jacket - Maroon Tippi Sweater - Olive Pants , Coach bag, Rag & Bone Loafers, black and white scarf, over 40 fashion blogger, 40+ fashion blogger, over 40 personal style blogger, 40+ personal style blogger J Crew Denim Jacket - Maroon Tippi Sweater - Olive Pants 3 J Crew Denim Jacket - Maroon Tippi Sweater - Olive Pants 6 J Crew Denim Jacket - Maroon Tippi Sweater - Olive Pants 1 J Crew Denim Jacket - Maroon Tippi Sweater - Olive Pants 5Wearing: Pants – J. Crew Factory, Denim Jacket – J. Crew Factory, Sweater – J. Crew, Bag – Coach, Loafers – Rag & Bone, Scarf – Target.


Thank you so much for stopping by and stay classy my friends!


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21 thoughts on “Denim Jacket With Burgundy and Olive

  1. Oh you are right. Chinos that fit well on ladies with any curvature are really hard to find. They are always too long on me and don’t cinch in at all or I look like an exploded can of biscuits. I am tempted to order these. I don’t live near one anymore so I end up ordering 2 sizes sending one back.

    • I am dying laughing about the exploded can of biscuits. Yes! That is exactly what happens. Ugh. I’m sorry that you don’t live close to a J. Crew Factory store anymore. Sending stuff back through the mail is such a drag. That’s why I just can’t shop at Zara anymore. I have to try stuff on.

  2. I have the same problem with chinos. Shame really as they’re such great pants (but on someone taller, skinnier than me 😉 ). At the end I opted for a navy pair from Gap, but I do have to be very careful how I style them. Yours look fab on you and I love the burgundy olive colour combination.

  3. See … not a shirt and jeans! Love the chinos here. You look all casual polished and posh. Excellent. I have trouble with relaxed styles like chinos … thunder thighs require too much fabric to be a proper fit elsewhere. So wear them proudly, girl! Represent for the rest of us!

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