2015 – Intentions, Proclamations and Inspirations


I’ve been off from work since Christmas Eve. I fully intended on taking all sorts of outfit photos after the Christmas hullabaloo to share with all of you via many posts. However, the universe had other plans… I’ve been sick since Sunday. I haven’t worn make-up or gotten out of my stretchy pants in days. This is what always happens to me. I run, run, run and then when I have a moment of down time my body forces me to rest by throwing an illness at me. It’s clearly done with all the shenanigans. And I don’t even drink!!!



Do you follow Rachel the Hat? She’s one of my favorite bloggers. Check her out. Last year she challenged herself to not spend any money on clothing for 100 days. She’s doing the challenge again this year and I am actually joining in. I’ll start my 100 days on Monday, January 5th. I’m sure my husband is going to be jumping up and down when he reads this. (He reads every post and is one of my biggest supporters. He also reads all of your comments.) One caveat…  I have $100 from Christmas that I may spend. That doesn’t count.

I’m big on mixing and matching as it is, so you will just see more of that going on here. A lot more. Hey look…  It’s me in a denim jacket for the 32nd time. Ohhhhhh… Ahhhhh… I’ve always said I’m big on classic pieces, which is what the majority of my purchases have been lately, so now it’s time to put my money (or lack there of) where my mouth is. So, if you will excuse me I have to go unsubscribe from emails and remove a million bookmarks to avoid being tempted.

If you want to join in let me know. We can commiserate together.

Hold me. I’m scared.



I’m continually inspired by so many awesome bloggers. Here are some peeps that inspire me on the reg. Go check them out…

Suzanne inspires me to wear more color and mix and match more pattern. She’s a pro at both. She also a lover of vintage clothing. Plus, she is super sassy.

Suzanne Carillo


Cynthia from My Rose Colored Shades does classic so well, while not being boring AT ALL. She throws a bit of interest or edginess into every outfit. She’s also from my hood. Respect.

My Rose Colored Shades


Hallie from Corals + Cognacs always inspires me to let my freak flag fly and to be authentic. I love her blog for her off the cuff writing style which is always a bit raunchy. I love raunchy. I’m dark and twisted.



Annette from Lady of Style always inspires me to step out of my comfort zone. She is great at incorporating today’s trends in a classy way, so it doesn’t look like she is trying too hard. Leather pants… Am I right? She just does it right. All the time.



Merritt of the Style Scribe pretty much dresses how I would if I was to win the lottery. Classy and chic all the time.



Thank you so much for stopping by. Here’s to a great 2015! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

PS – Please ignore any typos. I’m medicated.


9 thoughts on “2015 – Intentions, Proclamations and Inspirations

  1. Happy New Year my friend!

    I’m sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. Hopefully it passes quickly.

    I seriously would love to join you on your 100 day spending ban but I’m the kind of person that as soon as I know I’m restricted it it worse than when I’m not. For example, if I go on a diet I gain weight. I might silently participate and then not say anything until the 100 days have passed.

    Thanks so much for including me here amongst these super stylish ladies.

    Get better soon!


  2. Happy New Year!!!! I hope you are feeling better.

    Good luck on your challenge – I will be living vicariously through you!!!! But I know you can do it. I will be looking forward to your posts (as I always do!!!!)

    Stay warm!!!!


  3. I’m definitely in! I have loved reading all your posts and links to other bloggers. The pics you post are fantastic and I have enjoyed seeing the seasons change in the background. I am barely managing in 40 degree heat here in Melbourne at the moment, so it has been funny seeing you in boots and scarves standing In the snow. You would laugh if I told you that my 9 & 7 year old children have never seen snow. Keep up the great posts and I will stay tuned to see how you hold up without shopping.

  4. I hope you get better soon! I know every time I take off, I always say I’ll take a ton of outfit photos, but then I end up baking and making DIYs, and then outfit photos somehow get pushed back to the weekends!

    Whoa. Suzanne looks so cool. Like someone I could be friends with! Love her vintage outfits! Although reading her estate sale experiences are kinda crazy/scary.
    And Style Scribe? Serious closet envy. I didn’t even go past the first page, because it would just make me want to spend!

    Happy New Year 🙂

    Dear Sunny

  5. Feel better, and happy new year to you. Not spending anything on clothes for 100 days sounds easy enough, until you realise that there are January sales on. I admire your fortitude. I am not so strong. Maybe if I removed myself to a remote island…

  6. It sucks that you were sick over the break. Hope you’re feeling better. It’s awesome that you’re doing the 100-day challenge. I wish I could do that but I just know I would fail miserably. Thanks for the feature neighbor. I was just browsing thru your blog as I often do and there I was! I always enjoy reading your posts. Your one-liners crack me up. Looking forward to more fun times in 2015! ~Cynthia

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