Willing Spring

Hi guys.  I apologize for the lack of posts. February was absolutely brutal here in Michigan. It was the coldest February in 140 years. I just couldn’t fathom standing around outside trying to capture outfit photos while the temps were below zero, nor did I want my son (my photographer) out in those frigid temps. When it wasn’t so cold that your boogers froze when you walked outside, it was snowing sideways.  So, yeah…  No bueno. It’s pretty pathetic when you get excited about 20° F days.

I’m not going to lie, I’m totally over winter.  I keep seeing pictures of cherry trees blossoming on Instagram and I’m pretty damn jealous and pissed off. IT’S SO NOT FAIR!!!  Why am I living in this God forsaken frozen tundra??? What did I do to deserve this?

OK… I’m done now…

(Probably not.)

I am absolutely done with my cold weather clothes. I don’t want to look any any of them ever again. That sounds pretty harsh, I know. I think the problem is that I only bought a couple of things this past fall and I’ve worn them to death. I’m bored to tears with everything in my closet. Blergh. I’m trying to wear items that are somewhat spring-ish so I don’t throw myself off a bridge from closet boredom while still remaining warm. It’s a fine line.

J Crew Sailor Stripe Tee - Zara Navy Jacket - Coach Hobo Bag 2 J Crew Sailor Stripe Tee - Zara Navy Jacket - Coach Hobo Bag 3 J Crew Sailor Stripe Tee - Zara Navy Jacket - Coach Hobo Bag 1 J Crew Sailor Stripe Tee - Zara Navy Jacket - Coach Hobo Bag 4Wearing: Coat – Zara, Striped Tee – J. Crew (old), Denim – J. Crew Factory, Bag – Coach (old), Boots – Crown Vintage (old), Bracelet – Vintage, Necklace – Vintage, Lips – M.A.C. (Viva Glam I).

Thanks for stopping by and stay classy, my friends!


18 thoughts on “Willing Spring

  1. I am in Boston and I hear you. It seemed like I wore the same two or three wool sweaters for three weeks straight. No more style, just layers and layers upon layers. And with our 7+ feet of snow, I have been living in my snow boots since January. Let’s hope spring arrives soon!

  2. Glad you got around to posting again. I was trying to be optimistic about the weather but I can’t hold it in anymore. This weather totally sucks and I’m so over it! On a lighter note, love the striped tee and that tan bucket bag. ~Cynthia

  3. This is pretty lame but I live in Montana and we had a winter last year like yours, 100 inches of snow by March. As I said this is pretty lame but by late February March I was going nuts!! I went to target and bought a ton of fun sassy socks. My shoes and boots usually covered up the designs – thank goodness – but it cheered me up to put on a new pair in the mornings! You just get to a point where you try anything, rather than eating, to get out of the snow and weather doldrums.

    • I think that is a fun idea. Montana can be brutal too. I grew up in Idaho and spent a lot of time in various spots through out Montana. Or driving through it… to get to other places. 🙂

  4. Ditto, ditto, ditto to what you said about winter, from here in Virginia – where it won’t quit! Our forecast for March 3? Ice pellets ;-

  5. I hear ya. Loud and clear. I know it was the coldest Feb since they started recording temperatures. not sure if that was 140 years or not. But it was sick cold. If I hadn’t been able to escape it for a week I think I might have gone mad.

    I don’t know how much longer it plans on sticking around. And yeah…those people in the West are getting on my nerves.

    Fingers crossed we see Spring sometime before June this year!

  6. Hi Do you think you could do a bit on your hair? I think we might be hair twins and yours always looks so lovely…while mine doesn’t. Color… cut…anything? In Louisville,
    Ky with 12 inches of snow less than a week ago and 56 degrees today:)

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