So Nice I Bought it Twice

I guess I have a thing for long white tops. I hemmed and hawed over buying the J. Crew Endless Shirt in white for months. I have it in the maroon and white striped version and have worn the holy hell out of it. (I wore it here. And here. And here. And here. Sorry.) I bought a similar shirt at Loft recently hoping that it would be a cheaper alternative. It’s fine… But it doesn’t fit me as well as the J. Crew one. Of course I didn’t come to that realization until after I wore the Loft one. It’s all good though, because I need a back up due to my tendency to spill stuff all over myself.

Coordination is not a skill that I have mastered.

Where did I wear this? I wore this out and about on Good Friday while I was running errands. (I HAD THE DAY OFF FROM WORK!!! WAHOO!) Did you know that everyone and their dog goes to the barber on Good Friday? It’s true. They also get their oil changed.

J Crew Endless Shirt - Match Stick Jeans - Loafers 4 J Crew Endless Shirt - Match Stick Jeans - Loafers 3 J Crew Endless Shirt - Match Stick Jeans - Loafers 5 J Crew Endless Shirt - Match Stick Jeans - LoafersWearing: Endless Shirt – J. Crew, Jeans – J. Crew Factory, Trench Coat – H&M (Old), Loafers – Rag & Bone, Sunnies – Kate Spade, Bag – Coach.


Thanks so much for stopping by and stay classy my friends!


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12 thoughts on “So Nice I Bought it Twice

  1. Stunning! And I love how you have styled it with the rolled jeans (very nice leg line) and loafers. A friend recently bought a similar shirt/tunic from BR but I really think this one is nicer. A little more substantial perhaps and I really like the length of this one. I smiled when you said you need a back up. I won’t share how I spilled 1/2 a diet coke down my very expensive white Metalicus tshirt!!! Could be one of the reasons I wear so much black??? LOL Bet you get heaps of wear out of both, even if you just use the other (Loft) one for layering?

    BTW isn’t Good Friday a public holiday in the US?

  2. I have the same obsession, Ashley, but it’s with J Crew popovers. And right now, I’m wanting a flowy white one. I’ve also been checking out CP Shades and American Colors by Alex Lehr. I have an oversized button-front one by Madewell in white (Same one Grechen has) and I loved it so much that I bought it in black, too.

  3. Hello, Gorgeous. Haven’t been out and about much lately, but had to stop in to see what you’re up to. Glad to see you smiling and polished and totally spiffy as usual. Great piping on your trench …. sure makes a difference, doesn’t it? I’m over-collecting white shirts and tops this year, and it’s all because of how great it is to wear them with rolled up jeans and cute shoes. Glad to see how you do it so I can get it right.

  4. you can never have too many white shirts. (especially if you like red wine yet tend to spill it down your front anytime you wear said white shirt). and those loafers? i die!

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