It’s the Most Boring #OOTD Ever!

Hello, my friends! Let’s get back at this, shall we? No guarantees on when the next post will occur, but I’m hoping there won’t be another two month lag. I’m rounding the final few laps on this horrendous project I’ve been working on and am hoping to get my life back here real soon.

On the health front, I decided to take matters into my own hands regarding my stomach issues, because the medicine I was taking was barely working. I decided to do the Whole 30 with the hope to “reset” my body and heal my stomach. I’m on day 14 and my stomach is doing SO much better! I know that the majority of my stomach problems were brought on by stress, but clearly my diet was exacerbating the issue. In addition to my stomach starting to feel better I also have more energy, so BONUS!

So, here’s what I wore… Where did I wear this? Oh, to church. I go to the super casual service at my church. Jesus doesn’t care what you wear to church. Fact.

I had been looking for a pair of denim Bermuda shorts for a while and found these at the Gap. While I love the look of a short cut-offs, I am not comfortable baring that much over 40 skin. I am much more comfortable in these and with the distressing and rolled cuffs they don’t look like jorts. I’m lame, but I’m not THAT lame.

J. Crew Red Pop-over - Gap Denim Bermuda Shorts - Nike retro sneakers 3 J. Crew Red Pop-over - Gap Denim Bermuda Shorts - Nike retro sneakers 5 J. Crew Red Pop-over - Gap Denim Bermuda Shorts - Nike retro sneakers 2 J. Crew Red Pop-over - Gap Denim Bermuda Shorts - Nike retro sneakers 4 J. Crew Red Pop-over - Gap Denim Bermuda Shorts - Nike retro sneakers 1

Wearing: Pop-over Shirt – J. Crew Factory (old, but this one is similar), Denim Shorts – Gap, Bag – Coach (old), Sneakers – Nike, Sunnies – Dolce & Gabbana (old).


Thanks so much for stopping by!


12 thoughts on “It’s the Most Boring #OOTD Ever!

  1. Glad to hear life will return to somewhat normal soon! Love the outfit and as someone w/stress related stomach issues I will check out Whole 30. Starting at the gym today too in hopes of helping. Meds don’t work but I am told lifestyle changes do. Have a great week!

  2. Let me just say … the #whole30 is awesome!! Did it with my daughter in Jan and still eat similarly (just added in greek yo, some beans and the occasional wine and dessert/chocolate!). It’s made me aware of how dependent on grains and dairy I was. Wow. Also learning to love veggies, good protein and herbs/spices. I too felt better with more energy. Highly, highly recommend it! Thanks … and good job for taking control of your health!

    • I’m really not struggling like I thought I would. The most difficult thing for me to give up was milk in my coffee. As long as I prep, it’s easy for me to stay on track. It is difficult to eat out, but I’m really pleased with the results so far. My stomach feels SO much better. Yay!

  3. Nice to see you back!

    My Grandma would have freaked if we’d ever worn something like this to church. I only went for Gran though. Church seems so much more modern now.


  4. Great to see you back! I think that this is a fabulous outfit and I love it even more that you wore it to church. I tried Whole30 for a while but I just can’t do no milk in my coffee and no wine.

  5. So glad to see you back! Man, how good is it going to feel when that project is over?! We’ll need to celebrate over coffee. Glad to hear Whole30 is helping you. Really like the wash of those bermuda denims. Love the color of that top and I’ve always loved those retro kicks.

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