How to Wear a Blazer With Overalls

Say what? Overalls with a blazer? I know, right?!? It sounds totally weird, but it looks cute. I love how a blazer can “smarten” up almost anything. Maybe not a prison jumpsuit, but almost anything else. OK, maybe not a SCUBA suit either…

Where did I wear this? I wore this to church. We go to the contemporary service, so anything goes. Jesus doesn’t care what you wear to church. He’s just happy you are there.

Thanks for bearing with me while I have absent these past few weeks. It’s just been nutso in my world. Not bad nutso. Just super busy nutso. Our weekends have been packed. With one kid in high school and the other in middle school this year our lives revolve around their activities and social life. I feel like all we do is tote kids to and fro. We finally got a slight reprieve this weekend. Phew…  We needed it.


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Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you are all well.




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