Review: Everlane Double-Lined Silk V-Neck Dress

I hadn’t bought anything made of silk in eons. One thing that prevented me from buying silk garments was having to pay for dry cleaning. I’ve come to terms with the fact that there are some things that I’m going to have to dry clean in order to keep looking nice. I’m already having to dry clean all my cashmere and merino sweaters, so what’s one more silk dress?

After I brain wrangled myself around that topic I decided to give the Everlane Double-Lined Silk V-Neck Dress a try. OK, let me be honest with you. I ordered a whole bunch of black dresses from Everlane and this was one of them. As I was trying them all on it was a big ol’ nope fest until I put this one on.

Let me give you some specs because I’m wearing a denim jacket over it and you can’t see for yourself (sorry, it was really cold when we were taking pictures). The v-neck is not too deep, I’m quite endowed and do not like to show off the wonder twins to the whole world. The v is the perfect amount of “hey, let’s show a little skin but let’s also be modest”.  The arms holes are not too deep, so no bra show. The tank part of the dress has ample straps to cover your bra straps, so no special bra is needed. YES.

And can we talk about this drape? The dress is two layers so there are no visible panty lines. DOWN WITH VPL! Also, it hides any middle-section imperfections that you may have if you aren’t rocking six-pack abs without making it look like you are wearing a potato sack. The hem is extra big, so it helps to hold the dress down. I feel so swishy in this dress and pretty much never want to take it off. It feels amazing on.

This one is going to be in high rotation this summer. I plan to wear it to work with a cardigan or blazer. It looks cute. I already tested it. On those super hot days I’ll wear it all by it’s lonesome with some awesome sandals.

Have any questions? Let me know!

Everlane Black silk dress, denim jacket, nisola mariella mules, 40 + style blogger, 40 + fashion blogger Everlane Black silk dress, denim jacket, nisola mariella mules, over 40 style blogger, over 40 fashion blogger black silk dress with denim jacket and tan accessories, over 40 style blogger, over 40 fashion blogger, Detroit blogger Wearing: Dress – Everlane, Denim Jacket – J. Crew Factory (old), Shoes – Nisolo, Bag – Coach (old).

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PS: Are you wondering which were the nope dresses?

The Sport Rib Tee Dress and the Sport Rib Tank Dress were major nopes. If you want to look like a Kardashian then by all means buy one of these dresses. The fabric was nice and thick and the quality was great, but they were SO tight. I bought them in a size large and I don’t even think a size extra large would help them look less Kardashian. I think you have to have zero curves to make those dresses work.

I also bought the Japanese GoWeave Cocoon Dress and sent that one back too. It’s a lovely dress, but it is not made for my body type at all. I bought it in a size 10 and the top was too large. The arm holes were so big that you could see about 4 inches of skin below my bra strap. However, it fit in the hips. The bottom sweep is narrow so you can’t walk like a regular person in it. There is no way that a size 8 would fit my hips comfortably. And there is that whole walking problem. So, NOPE!

Everlane Linen Shirt Dress Worn as a Duster

I like being able to wear clothes in multiple ways. That’s why I’m a big fan of my Everlane shirt dresses. Sure, you can wear them as a regular dress, but you can also wear them as a long tunic over pants, and you can wear them all the way open as a duster. It pretty much makes this whole outfit. Man, I love a black and white outfit!

One thing that I am struggling with in my quest to be a better citizen of the world and buy ethical/sustainable fashion is the lack of stylish “toppers”. I like to wear light cardigans, jackets, or blazers during summer at work. For one reason, bare arms are not considered to be appropriate work attire. Also, I tend to freeze in the air conditioning. I’ve found some that are on the earth muffin side of the spectrum, but that is not the look I’m going for.

You’d think that an ethically made summer weight cardigan wouldn’t be hard to find, but alas, it is. Frankly, I’m really surprised that Everlane doesn’t have any. I’ve been to consignment and thrift stores to see if I could find a blazer or interesting jacket and that was not successful. The thrift stores were chock full of crap. I know that thrifting is hit or miss. I get that. I’ll keep at it, but I think that I may have to accept the fact that it may not be possible to buy 100% ethical/sustainable clothes. Blergh. Best laid plans and all that…

(It was super windy when we took these pictures, so my hair has all sorts of floofers.)

Black and white outfit for spring featuring a black everlane linen shirt dress, 40+ styleblogger, 40 + fashion blogger Everlane linen shirt dress over a whte tee and white jeans, over 40 style blogger, over 40 fashion blogger Black and white look, Everlane modern loafer mules, 40 + style blogger, 40 +fashion blogger Wear a shirt dress as a duster, everlane, 40 + style blogger, 40 + fashion blogger Wearing: Shirt Dress – Everlane, White Jeans – J. Crew Factory (old), Necklace – J. Crew, Shoes – Everlane, Bag – Celine.

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PS: These Everlane Modern Loafer Mules have broken in nicely. I adore them! I’ve been wearing them to work a bunch.

On My Radar Lately

Happy Friday, friends!

I’ve rounded up some items to share with you that have hit my radar lately. All of these items are from ethically minded brands or artisans. I hope you enjoy my finds:

On my radar
  1.  All I want to wear are dresses and it seems as if my love for black has returned in full force. I’m in love with the simple chic style of this black dress from Everlane.
  2. I’m in need of a new summer hat. I don’t like to be out in the sun without one. It is incredibly hard for me to find a hat that fits because I have a pea head. This Panama hat from Cuyana comes in a bunch of sizes, so I’m inclined to think that they just may have a size small enough that will fit.
  3. These earrings from Rebecca Mir Grady are gorgeous! I have very, very, very sensitive ears and can’t wear anything other than gold or platinum or they will rot. Hence, why you have never seen me embrace the big earring trend. I’ve been looking for some bar type earrings in gold forever. I am totally smitten with these. (Dear husband – hint.)
  4.  I love the big gold buckle on these sandal from M.Gemi. Is is just me, or do they have a cool 70s vibe? The dark brown color really speaks to me, but they also come in black and nude.


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