40 + Style Bloggers

Here are some of my favorite blogs written by the over 40 crowd (my peeps!). Happy reading! Feel free to let me know about any good ones that you read that aren’t on the list below, because I love discovering new blogs.

A Pocketful of Polka Dots

Elegance Revisited

Fashion Adventures at Any Age

Fashion Should Be Fun

Fifty Fabulous

Fort Smith Stylista

40 + Style

Grechen’s Closet

Highland Fashionista

It’s Mostly About Fashion

Not Dead Yet Style

Not Dressed as Lamb

Over 50 Feeling 40

Poppy’s Style

Style Nudge

Suzanne Carillo

Tamera Beardsley

The Rich Life on a Budget

Wardrobe Oxygen

You Look Fab


There are many other blogs I read that I *think* the person is over 40, but I can’t verify it and you know what they say about assuming… Yeah…  Not going to do it.

4 thoughts on “40 + Style Bloggers

  1. Just discovered your wonderful blog via your Instagram account! SO happy to have found you. After six months on Instagram I was starting to wonder if someone had issued an unwritten rule I wasn’t aware of…NO OVER 40’s…geez, I was starting to feel old. I’m 46, three teenagers (19, 19, and 18) and not quite ready to donate my iPhone fir a summer frame just yet. Your blog is equal parts totally gorgeous, wearable fashion for people bigger than bread boxes and laugh-out-loud hilarious…wonderful! And you love art #perfect. Look forward to following you. Trish (@trishmitchellfineartist on IG)

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