Fancy Finds #17

I’m always on the lookout for skin care products that are of high quality, work, and yet aren’t exorbitantly priced. Skin care products can be such a swindle. The skin care companies feed upon women’s insecurities and make billions doing it. Why must a good eye cream or anti-aging moisturizer cost $100 or more? It’s madness!

The French do it right. They have amazing skin care lines that are carried in their drugstores. They are high quality and affordable. If you are ever in Paris, you must visit City Pharma in St. Germain. I was not the only woman who loaded up on product. Mad props go out to my lovely husband who patiently waited for me while I shopped there… On two separate occasions.

I’m happy to report that I have found a great eye cream that won’t break the bank. Ironically, it’s French. I’ve been using RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream for almost a year and am quite pleased with it. It works very well on those fine lines around the eyes. All hail Retinol!



Full disclosure: I also have been using the RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer (with SPF) for the past eleven years. I love them both.

Just as a note, some people find that Retinol makes their skin irritated. I tend to have sensitive skin, so when I first started using product with Retinol in it, I used it every other day until my skin got used to it. Now, I just slather it on.

Result? Two thumbs up.


Do you have any inexpensive great products that you use? Please share!


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Fancy Finds #16

Last week in the Fancy Finds #15 blog post I mentioned that the skin around my eyes has become quite oily as I have gotten older. (I was going to say matured, but there is nothing mature about me.) Make-up that I had worn for years no longer worked. One of my biggest complaints was my eyeliner. I put it on in the morning and then by the early afternoon it was just GONE. It simply melted off my face. I’m not one to carry around make-up other than lipstick. I’m a one application and done type of person.

I was introduced to Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner by a make-up artist who did my make-up as part of a spa day. She was about 10 years older than me, and informed me that my complaint was quite common among the over 40 female group. She recommended the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner. She used it on me and I was pleasantly surprised with its staying power. I immediately bought two colors and have been using it ever since.

Bobbi Brown

If you have the same oily skin around the eyes like I do, you may want to give these a whirl. WARNING: This eyeliner is not cheap at $26.00 a pencil. Desperate times call for desperate measures though. So, yeah…

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Fancy Finds #15

I love skin and beauty products, but I tend to get overwhelmed when going into Sephora, Ulta or department stores. There are just SO many options and I don’t like wasting salespeople’s time. My head starts swimming, I get hot, and I have to leave. I can’t handle a large menu either. I’ve come to accept this as part of my personality.

I like trying different products without being pressured to buy something. Birch Box has been great for that. The samples are large enough to use for several (or even many) applications and I get to try all sorts of different things. Many things that I would never have thought to try before. For $10 a month you get at least five products to sample. I also like that I can stop it at any time. Win-win.

One of my favorite products that I have received from Birch Box is the Smash Box Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I actually only use it on my eyelids as a primer for my eye shadow. As I have aged, the skin around my eyes has gotten quite oily and it has made wearing eye shadow difficult. It either just falls off my face or clumps together in weird patches. Either way, it is not the look I am going for. I think having more nooks and crannies is also a part of the problem. The Smash Box Photo Finish Foundation Primer has helped with that. I also like to apply a wee bit of powder before applying my eye shadow.



Result? Two thumbs up!



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