Review: Everlane Silk Short Sleeve Square Shirt

I’ve been trying out a lot of silk shirts lately and I’ve sent back a lot. Some were too see through. Some were too tight in the bust. One was the wrong color. Why call something “white” when it is clearly “off-white” or “cream”? That was irksome. (Everlane, I’m talking about you.)

After reading all the positive reviews for the Everlane Silk Short Sleeve Square Shirt, I begrudgingly decided to give it a try. I liked the dress version, so maybe the shirt would be a winner too. Worst case scenario I would just have to send it back. I’ve mentioned time and time again (sorry – broken record) that I typically avoid oversized tops. With my large chest they tend to make me look like I’m pregnant or wearing a tent. Either is not very attractive.

I’m happy to report that I like it! I really, really like it! Yes, it is oversized, but the silk drapes nicely over the body and doesn’t add a lot of extra bulk. It sort of  swishes around. I’ve tried cotton shirts in this style and they don’t work for me. They are too stiff and poof out (i.e. look at me wearing a tent).

The fabric is luxurious and very substantial. It’s a satin finish compared to a Crepe de Chine. This shirt comes in both. I believe that all the solid colors are Crepe de Chine. I like both types of silk, but this shirt certainly feels more expensive. Also, there is no see through. I hate white shirts that are so see through that you have to wear another layer under them.

The style is a bit cropped, so it looks best with a high waisted bottom. I’m wearing it with another Everlane favorite: The Stretch Ponte Tube Skirt. I’m not quite sure why I never reviewed this skirt…  It’s a great staple. Black pencil skirt for the win! I wear this to work all the time. In fact, I wore this entire outfit to work. My husband even said “hey, that’s a nice outfit” when I was wearing this. Whoa.

Any cons? Well…  This is most likely due to operator error with the steamer, but the fabric got ripply in a few places when I was steaming it. I probably should have used low steam. I’m hoping the dry cleaners can press those out when I eventually take this in to be dry cleaned. Other than that? Nope.

I can recommend this shirt. I passes my picky muster.

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Wearing: Shirt – Everlane, Skirt – Everlane, Shoes – Everlane, Bag – Celine.

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Review: Everlane Cotton Tank Dress

Hi friends! Things have been nuts in my world lately. Thus, no posts. I’ve had a lot of Saturday appointments, we’ve been toting kids back and forth to various summer camps, and then I was traveling for work from Sunday until Thursday of last week. I’m happy to be back home. As an introvert, I find traveling and workshops to be absolutely exhausting. I’m surrounded by people from breakfast at 7:00 AM until 9:00 or 10:00 PM. It’s non-stop, brain intensive, interaction.

OK. Enough of that…

I picked up the Everlane Cotton Tank dress a few weeks ago and have already worn the heck out of it. It’s so easy to style. I’m never really sure about the sizing with Everlane, so I ordered this dress in both the medium and large sizes. I ended up deciding on the large. While the medium fit fine, it was just a wee bit tight on my tookus. I’m sure it would have stretched, but I elected to have a bit more room from the get go. I don’t like things super tight.

The fabric is light like a t-shirt, so this dress will be limited to the warm summer months. I’m OK with that though. At $28 this wasn’t a huge splurge. It’s super soft and incredibly comfortable.

The only con (for me) is that the scoop in the front is quite low. I’m not comfortable showing cleavage, and I have to be careful with the dress. If you bend over you are going to give someone a show. Consider yourself warned. Other than that, I love it. I’m thinking of taking this in to my tailor to have her shorten the straps a bit.

I have worn this to work with a black blazer and slides, and out for a casual dinner with a denim jacket and Birkenstock sandals. It’s a really easy piece to style. I do recommend it.

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Review: Everlane Silk Square Shirt Dress

After buying the Everlane Double Lined Silk V-Neck Dress (review here) I fell in love with silk and felt I needed more in my life. So drapey and swishy! That’s sort of how I roll…  I find something that I like, become obsessed, and over do it. I bought the same dress in the white/gray color but sent it back. While I love the style, that color was not flattering on me. Again…  With the overdoing.

I had been hemming and hawing about trying the Silk Square Shirt Dress for a while. The reviews were very positive, but I just wasn’t sure about the style. It’s boxy and oversized, and generally that’s not a good silhouette for me. I decided to give it a try and am so glad that I did. While yes, the dress is boxy and oversized, it hangs and drapes so nice because of the silk. I typically wear a size 10 in dresses because I have broad shoulders and an ample bosom. Ahem. I ordered this in a size 8 after reading the reviews and researching the sizing. I’m glad I sized down. A 10 would have been too large.

In contrast to the Double Lined Silk V – Neck Dress, this dress is not lined. There is only layer of silk. I was worried that it may be an issue and the dress may be too see through, but that is not the case. The fabric is nice and opaque, plus the drape of the dress hides any lumps, or bumps, and panty lines. The dress sort of goes outward from the body, then comes back in and gets smaller at the hem.

Speaking of the hem…  It has the nice 6 inch hem that Everlane puts on a lot of their silk products. I love the look. One possible con is that the color is not true black. It’s sort of a washed black, which generally I don’t like, but this works. Would I have preferred a true black? Yes.

I’m excited to wear this work. I refused to wear it before I shot it. I didn’t want it to get wrinkled. Speaking of wrinkles, any item you order online is going to be wrinkled when you get it. Since, the majority of my purchases are online these days, I invested in a hand held steamer from Conair. I use that sucker all the damn time. Life saver. I refuse to iron, and don’t need to anymore with this thing.

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