Review: Everlane Silk Short Sleeve Square Shirt

I’ve been trying out a lot of silk shirts lately and I’ve sent back a lot. Some were too see through. Some were too tight in the bust. One was the wrong color. Why call something “white” when it is clearly “off-white” or “cream”? That was irksome. (Everlane, I’m talking about you.)

After reading all the positive reviews for the Everlane Silk Short Sleeve Square Shirt, I begrudgingly decided to give it a try. I liked the dress version, so maybe the shirt would be a winner too. Worst case scenario I would just have to send it back. I’ve mentioned time and time again (sorry – broken record) that I typically avoid oversized tops. With my large chest they tend to make me look like I’m pregnant or wearing a tent. Either is not very attractive.

I’m happy to report that I like it! I really, really like it! Yes, it is oversized, but the silk drapes nicely over the body and doesn’t add a lot of extra bulk. It sort of  swishes around. I’ve tried cotton shirts in this style and they don’t work for me. They are too stiff and poof out (i.e. look at me wearing a tent).

The fabric is luxurious and very substantial. It’s a satin finish compared to a Crepe de Chine. This shirt comes in both. I believe that all the solid colors are Crepe de Chine. I like both types of silk, but this shirt certainly feels more expensive. Also, there is no see through. I hate white shirts that are so see through that you have to wear another layer under them.

The style is a bit cropped, so it looks best with a high waisted bottom. I’m wearing it with another Everlane favorite: The Stretch Ponte Tube Skirt. I’m not quite sure why I never reviewed this skirt…  It’s a great staple. Black pencil skirt for the win! I wear this to work all the time. In fact, I wore this entire outfit to work. My husband even said “hey, that’s a nice outfit” when I was wearing this. Whoa.

Any cons? Well…  This is most likely due to operator error with the steamer, but the fabric got ripply in a few places when I was steaming it. I probably should have used low steam. I’m hoping the dry cleaners can press those out when I eventually take this in to be dry cleaned. Other than that? Nope.

I can recommend this shirt. I passes my picky muster.

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Wearing: Shirt – Everlane, Skirt – Everlane, Shoes – Everlane, Bag – Celine.

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Flouncy Light Blue Shirt Dress

Holy crap, I’m not wearing black!

I picked up this dress when I was in Paris in April. (Sing it with me now…  “April in Paris…”) I’ve always been intrigued by the store, COS. I’ve been in a few on my travels, but never really had an opportunity to do much of anything other than a quick browse. There was a COS store just around the corner from our hotel in the St. Germaine neighborhood. One afternoon after surviving some serious sight seeing activities everyone was chilling at the hotel and glued to their phones, so I decided to go down to the store.

I tried on a BUNCH of things, and ended up deciding on this dress. A lot of their styles are really oversized and that look doesn’t do much for my figure. I think you have to be long and lean to wear the oversized look well. I am neither long, nor lean. There were some non-oversized styles and those are what I gravitated to. I do like that many of their dresses are longer and therefore, work appropriate. Or life appropriate, if you are like me and not wanting to show as much leg as I used to. Basically, short skirts and dresses are just too much work. You have to sit “just so”, you have to be careful when bending, you can’t reach over your head. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I want to be able to move freely without constantly worrying that my butt is going to hang out.

I’m not sure about the ethics or sustainability of the COS brand. I did a bit of a search and came up with a grade C. So, they clearly could do better. I know they are owned by H&M. In my defense, I did buy this before I made my declaration to myself and all of you to be a better, smarter consumer.

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Review: Everlane Stretch Ponte Crop Pants and Nisolo Mariella Mules

In my quest for the perfect pair of black pants I decided to give the Everlane Stretch Ponte Crop pants a try. They were taunting me for months. I read multiple posts from Everlane review bloggers who did not love these pants. One of the complaints was the length, but most of those people are a lot shorter than I am. Another complaint was that they felt they would have to wear something over the pants. I rarely air the derrière, so I hit add to cart and had them sent my way. Of course, they didn’t fit. Honestly, I get the sizing wrong almost every time that I order something from Everlane. I read the reviews, I refer to the size chart, I measure stuff. It just doesn’t matter. I’m still going to have to send it back for another size. Is it just me? Why is this so hard?

After trying on the first pair, I opted to try again. I liked the pants. I saw promise. These could work. I did the return and repurchase swaperooni and finally got the correct size. Just as an FYI, I am wearing a size 8. I originally thought that I would need a size 10, but nope…  Those were too big. There was a lot of gaping at the waist. You guys…  I really like these. I’ve worn them to work and I’ve worn them casually with sneakers, a tee shirt and light (long) jacket. I’m contemplating buying them in grey and buying a second pair of black ones. I foresee wearing these a lot. Two thumbs up from me on the Everlane Stretch Ponte Pants!

Recently, I discovered another ethical shoe brand: Nisolo. Let me rephrase that…  I rediscovered this brand. I learned of Nisolo about a year or so ago, and I thought their options were a bit too hippie dippy for my personal style, so I promptly forgot about them. Then one day I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, as one does, and saw the cutest mules EVER on Andrea Hartman from Seasons + Salt. She’s an ethical fashion blogger, whom I really enjoy. I did some digging and found out that the mules were made by Nisolo.

I purchased the Nisolo Mariella Mule in sand and really, really like them. I love that mules are back, and had been on the look out for a pair that I could wear this Spring/Summer. The style and color of these were what drew me in, and the fact that these are ethically made helped to seal the deal. FYI: The leather is sort of a combination between smooth leather and Nubuck. They are comfortable and took no breaking in. It took me a bit to relearn how to walk in mules, but I think I have it down again. Two thumbs up on these as well.

Wearing: Blazer – J. Crew, Tee – Grana, Pants – Everlane, Necklace – J. Crew (old), Bag – Celine, Shoes – Nisolo.

If you are interested in trying out Nisolo, I have a referral link for you. Click here to save $25.00 on your first purchase. Full disclosure: If you buy something, I get a $25 credit.

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