Be Nice

There is enough negativity in the world.  Don’t be a jerk, please.

Credit, When Credit is Due

I always try to credit the images that I use, however, sometimes even the most extensive Google search can’t solve the riddle of who they belong to or where they originated.  If I have used an image of yours that you wish me to credit or remove, please contact me (use the contact page) and I will rectify the situation immediately.

Vice Versa

If you use any of my images please link back to this here blog.  If you don’t plan on linking, which is weird, but whatever, please contact me to obtain permission before using.


If I do any sort of a review or collaboration with a company I will be up front about that. Any review where product is provided to me will be 100% honest and my own opinion. If I think it sucks, I’m going to tell you it sucks. Any product provided to me by a company will have “c/o” in front of the company name in the section where I link to what I’m wearing.

Eat Your Vegetables 

Seriously.  They are good for you.

Comments are fun! I love reading and responding to them.

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