Black is Back

After doing the seasonal closet rotation I realized that I had a lot of summer clothes (especially dresses) that didn’t bring me joy. They either fit poorly, didn’t flatter my body style, were too short, or were no longer in the color scheme that I am drawn to. I culled the herd. “Donation pile for you!”

You guys…  The only colors I want to wear right now are black, white, olive green, and blue in denim form. But black is the overwhelming winner. So, I guess I’m a New Waver again. I’m a bit more classic in my all black looks at 45 than I was at 16. I hope.

You can’t tell very well in the photos, but the sweater I’m wearing has a mesh panel at the top in the front and the bottom half of the back. So, some sort of layering is required. Or you could be more risque than I am. You decide. I’m wearing a tank top because I am not a flasher. I thought the mesh panels added a bit of something something that makes the sweater interesting. The sweater is from Athleta. They have made a commitment to sustainability and supporting women, so I’m happy to support this company. You can read more about their commitment here.

A note on sizing regarding this sweater. It runs really, really big. I am generally a medium and I ended up buying this in an extra small. As you can see, it is still plenty flowy. Size down!

All black outfit featuring the Evenlane stretch ponte skirt and bridge sandals, 40 + style blogger, 40 + fashion blogger all black chic outfit for summer, 40 + style blogger, 40 + personal blogger

Wearing: Sweater – Athleta, Skirt – Everlane, Sandals – Everlane, Bag – Celine.


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Review: Grana Silk Tank

Hi friends! Are you still out there? Thank you for always hanging in there with me when I disappear. My disappearing acts are never intentional. Life just gets in the way. I think you all know that I work full-time, am married, and have two kids (12 and 15). Life is just full. My son is my photographer and we take photos on the weekends. If my son has something going on, photos get put on hold. I’m not going to put blog photos in front of his activities, social or otherwise. That’s crappy.

I want you all to know that I have quit giving a fuck. Sorry for the potty mouth. But yeah…  I’m sick and tired of not wearing clothes because I don’t have a perfect body. I’ve avoided tank tops, and so many other items of clothes because I don’t like my arms, or I’m super white, or you can see my age spots, or I look flubbery and mushy. Well, that stops now. I’m not perfect. I’m perfectly imperfect and I’m done giving a fuck.

So there.

Since I’m done giving a fuck, I’ve embraced tank tops. GASP.

I introduced you all to Grana a while back. They sent me some clothes to review back in January and they earned a loyal customer. I was super pleased with the quality of their items, and they are an ethical company. One of the items that they sent me was a silk shirt. I really liked that shirt, and since I’ve become a grown up and started to wear silk I bought some more of their silk items. (FYI… This is not a sponsored post.)

So, what do I like about this tank? First and foremost, the price. It’s incredibly affordable at just $29 USD. Secondly, I love the style. It has a rounded hem, that is longer in the back. It’s a nice touch that makes it just a bit more interesting. Plus it covers your tushy. You can wear a plain ol’ regular bra with it and nothing shows. Do you see any bra poking out anywhere? Nope. You don’t. That right there is worth a zillion dollars to me. I have to wear a bra and I hate it when it shows out of every nook and cranny.

The tank is unlined, but the silk is nice and opaque so you can’t see anything through it. I don’t know how the lighter colors would hold up to the opaqueness test though. How does it compare to the Everlane silk? I’d say the Everlane silk is thicker and a bit nicer, but it’s a lot more expensive. I think the Grana silk is a nice affordable option, and they offer some more classic styling options.

So, would I recommend this tank? Yes.

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Wearing: Silk Tank – Grana (I’m wearing a large), Skirt – J. Crew (old), Sandals – Everlane, Bag – Celine.


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PS – Here is a referral link to Grana. This link will provide new customers 10% off and if you buy something I get a $20.00 store credit. Full disclosure.

Everlane Linen Shirt Dress Worn as a Duster

I like being able to wear clothes in multiple ways. That’s why I’m a big fan of my Everlane shirt dresses. Sure, you can wear them as a regular dress, but you can also wear them as a long tunic over pants, and you can wear them all the way open as a duster. It pretty much makes this whole outfit. Man, I love a black and white outfit!

One thing that I am struggling with in my quest to be a better citizen of the world and buy ethical/sustainable fashion is the lack of stylish “toppers”. I like to wear light cardigans, jackets, or blazers during summer at work. For one reason, bare arms are not considered to be appropriate work attire. Also, I tend to freeze in the air conditioning. I’ve found some that are on the earth muffin side of the spectrum, but that is not the look I’m going for.

You’d think that an ethically made summer weight cardigan wouldn’t be hard to find, but alas, it is. Frankly, I’m really surprised that Everlane doesn’t have any. I’ve been to consignment and thrift stores to see if I could find a blazer or interesting jacket and that was not successful. The thrift stores were chock full of crap. I know that thrifting is hit or miss. I get that. I’ll keep at it, but I think that I may have to accept the fact that it may not be possible to buy 100% ethical/sustainable clothes. Blergh. Best laid plans and all that…

(It was super windy when we took these pictures, so my hair has all sorts of floofers.)

Black and white outfit for spring featuring a black everlane linen shirt dress, 40+ styleblogger, 40 + fashion blogger Everlane linen shirt dress over a whte tee and white jeans, over 40 style blogger, over 40 fashion blogger Black and white look, Everlane modern loafer mules, 40 + style blogger, 40 +fashion blogger Wear a shirt dress as a duster, everlane, 40 + style blogger, 40 + fashion blogger Wearing: Shirt Dress – Everlane, White Jeans – J. Crew Factory (old), Necklace – J. Crew, Shoes – Everlane, Bag – Celine.

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PS: These Everlane Modern Loafer Mules have broken in nicely. I adore them! I’ve been wearing them to work a bunch.