Bringing Out the White Jeans BEFORE Memorial Day

I know, right?

If it got warmer before May, I’d break this rule harder, but this is Michigan and I don’t want to get lost in the snow. Do you know how this rule came about? Mean girls. High society girls/women in the 1880s came up with all sorts of fashion rules that the in crowd had to follow. That way they could tell who was part of the in crowd and who wasn’t. If you showed up somewhere and didn’t follow one of their rules they could easily spot you and wouldn’t even give you the time of day. DAMN. That shit is rough. So, mean girls did this. This is just another reason why you should distance yourself from negative people.

I’ve told you all that I’m a total Pollyanna before, but did you know that I am also a fierce rebel and a person who will stand up to jerks treating others badly? I will go to my grave listening to indie music, supporting equality for everyone, and refusing to dress to a corporate standard. DOWN WITH THE MAN! And do not get me started on our current political administration…  I’m pretty quiet and reserved when you first meet me, but after I trust you watch out… I will let it all out. There is nothing that I despise more than a bully or someone trying to take advantage of another person. No, no, no. Not on my watch.

Wow… See what mean girls do? Tirade time.

I just found out that J. Crew discontinued the Matchstick jeans, which is the style that I wear. Another reason why J. Crew is dead to me. Why do retailers think that women only want to wear skinny or cropped jeans? Jeans are so hard to find and once you find a style/cut you like it is disheartening to learn that they quit making them. Luckily, I’m not in dire need of jeans at this point and time, and I made a deal with myself that I would seek out ethical/conscious ones the next time I needed a pair. Everlane is supposed to have jeans this fall, so I’ll try those.

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Wearing: Utility Jacket – Gap, Tee Shirt – Grana, Jeans – J. Crew (old), Bag – Coach (old), Leopard belt – J. Crew Factory (old), Mules – Nisolo.

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PS – I have a couple of updates for you.


An update on the Nisolo Mariella Mules. I get a lot of questions about these. I’m still loving them. I wear them constantly. They were comfortable from day one. They do stretch a wee bit, but nothing major. The only thing that I don’t like is that they scuff easily. I get marks on the inner side of the shoes from where the sole of the other shoe hits. I know that I am a klutzy walker, so this just may be my issue. I thought I’d bring it up though. I need to research how to remove these. Would I still recommend them? Absolutely.

If you are interested in trying out Nisolo, I have a referral link for you. Click here to save $25.00 on your first purchase. Full disclosure: If you buy something, I get a $25 credit.


I’m also extolling the virtues of the Grana Pima tees to anyone that will listen. I have been wearing them on high rotation since January and they wash and wear wonderfully. I have both the the Pima V-Neck and Pima Crew Neck (I am wearing the crew neck above). I will never buy another tee. I have been asked to do a post wearing just the tee, but I’m very uncomfortable showing my arms off. True story. I took some pictures and was horrified by what I saw. So, you are just going to have to trust me on this one. I take a large in the tees. Their sizing is smaller than North American sizing. In comparison, I’m a medium in tees at J. Crew or Gap.

Here is a referral link to Grana. This link will provide new customers 10% off and if you buy something I get a $20.00 store credit. Full disclosure.



I’m Wearing All of My Favorite Things

I decided to wear all of my favorite things at once.

Overalls? Check!

Striped Shirt? Check!

Oversized cardigan? Check!

Ankle booties? Check!

Admittedly, I look a wee bit (a lot) like a farmer, but at least I am a really happy farmer. I actually wore this outfit for two days straight during winter break. I did change my shirt. And underwear. Overalls help to conceal the holiday and/or period bloat. When you can’t stand the thought of anything constricting around your waist that’s when overalls are there for you. Like a BFF. So, basically I just told the Internet that I ate too much and had my period over the holidays. You are welcome.

The sweater that I’m wearing is the Everlane Ribbed Wool- Cashmere Oversized Cardigan that I’ve already reviewed and overshared in grey. Sorry. I told you guys that I loved it.

On the topic of Everlane…  I wanted to share a few other bloggers who provide excellent reviews of the products. I love the Everlane products, but hate that they don’t have a customer review option for the products. I read those a lot at other retailers, mainly for help with sizing. Those bloggers are:

Seasons + Salt

Temporary Housewifey

Lindsey Kubly

Grechen’s Closet

By Georgia Grace

overalls-striped-shirt-oversize-everlane-cardigan-2 overalls-striped-shirt-oversize-everlane-cardigan-1 overalls-striped-shirt-oversize-everlane-cardigan-3 overalls-striped-shirt-oversize-everlane-cardigan-4

Wearing: Overalls – Old Navy, Striped Shirt – J. Crew (old, but this one is similar), Cardigan – Everlane, Booties – Madewell, Bag – Coach (old), Necklace – J. Crew.

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How to Wear a Lace Shirt to the Office

I like lace, but it can tricky. You have to be careful about the style and fabric of your lace pieces or you can wind up with a nip slip or unintentionally look like Madonna circa 1984. Boy toy, anyone? Don’t get me wrong…  In 1984 I was totally down with that look and I have been a huge Madonna fan for years. I just don’t want to do it again.

If you are going to wear lace to the office you need to ensure that there is enough coverage. Nobody wants to see your boobies at work. Cover the twins up. Wear a camisole. Also, you need to ensure that the rest of your outfit is less extra. Translation? Keep it conservative elsewhere. If you can go straight to the club from work, you need to take it down a notch.

I paired this peplum styled lace shirt with a conservative black wool pencil skirt, opaque tights and ankle booties. I personally think that sheer hosiery would be too much skin with the lace top for work. I’m not a fan of sheer hosiery anyway, but that opaque tights really help to keep things on the up and up. Let’s keep it classy, ladies.

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Wearing: Top – H&M (sold out), Skirt – J. Crew Factory, Necklace – J. Crew (old), Booties – Loeffler Randall, Bag – Coach (old), Sunnies – Kate Spade (old), Coat – Old Navy (ancient).

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