Utility Jacket | Striped Shirt | Bandana

I’m not sure why it took me so long to jump on the utility jacket bandwagon, because I’m in serious love. I like layering light weight jackets for a bit of warmth and to zhush up a basic outfits, but I have become a bit bored with my denim jacket. Plus, I don’t like denim on denim unless it matches well. I’m sort of anal about that sort of stuff. I also hate it when blacks don’t match. Some are brown based and some are green based. Yes, I know I have issues…

I was in Gap with my daughter the other day and saw this jacket and decided to give it a try. I’m really trying to focus my spending on more ethical brands, but there are holes in their offerings. I’m not going to be able to be 100% ethical as much as I’d like to. I guess I could be, but I’m also a bit vain and still want my butt to look OK in stuff. Do I still get points for trying?

So, anyhoo…  I’m sure that this jacket is going to get some serious use this spring. Be warned. You are likely to see it a lot. Oh, and how fun is this bandana?

Wearing: Jacket – Gap, Shirt – J. Crew (old, but this one is similar), Jeans – J. Crew Factory (old), Booties – Loeffler Randall, Bag – coach (old), Sunnies – SEE, Bandana – Madewell.

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Review: Everlane Camel Colored Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater

Hi friends! I’m sorry for the long radio silence. Life has been absolutely nuts for me lately. I’ve been crazy busy at work and have been doing a lot business travel (Canada and Germany). Then there are my kids, whose activities pretty much keep me in the car. There have been medical appointments and hair appointments. Plus the weather has been awful. While it might be spring in some parts of the world, winter is hanging on for dear life here in Michigan. I’m SO over it.

I’m SO over winter clothes too. Ugh. However, it’s fracking freezing out, so I still have to wear warm clothes. I decided to add another cashmere sweater to my arsenal because I’ve been wearing the heck out of them all winter. I’m still absolutely in love with my Grana cashmere sweaters (here, here, and here), but opted to give the Everlane cashmere crew neck sweater a whirl. Everyone and their dog raves about it, plus and I wanted a camel colored one which Grana does not offer.

After having cashmere from both Everlane and Grana and wearing the heck out of both of them, you are probably wondering which I like better? You know…  I like them both about the same. They are both incredibly soft. They pill about the same and they wear about the same. I really don’t think that you can go wrong with either option. I’m loving having these classic pieces in my wardrobe. They are getting some serious use.

(Sorry for the craptastic photos, but I woke up to 2-3 inches of snow the day I took these. It was inside or not at all.)

Everlane camel colored cashmere crew neck sweater, Gap black twill joggers, Madewell booties, 40 + fashion blogger, 40 + style blogger Everlane Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater Review, Camel and black outfit, over 40 style blogger, over 40 fashion blogger

Wearing: Sweater – Everlane, Pants – Gap, Booties – Madewell, Necklace – J. Crew.

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Happy Boxing Day!

I hope you all survived Christmas! Ours was busy. We hosted Christmas Eve, then had another family event on Christmas day. I’m glad I don’t have any sort of medical tests today, because my cholesterol has got to be through the roof with all the cheese and other fatty foods I shoved down my pie hole. I’m ready to relax and detox now. I already know what my New Year’s Resolution will be…  It’s going to be to drop these 10 pounds that I put on during the fall and the holidays. Oooooph. Thankfully, I can still layer up while working on shedding my fluff.

I stopped into H&M for the first time in forever the other day and actually found a couple of items that I liked. I generally don’t shop in the “fast fashion” stores because of the poor quality, but decided to give this shirt a go. Every once in a while you can find some gems that actually hold up OK. I like this shirt because it’s different from everything in my closet. Look at me turning over a new leaf! It’s a fun layering piece, and more interesting than a typical button up shirt.

H&M Striped Cotton Ruffle Top, Gap Boyfriend Jeans, Loeffler Randall Ella Booties, 40 + style blogger, 40 + fashion blogger how to wear boyfriend jeans during the winter, over 40 style blogger, over 40 fashion blogger stylish layering for winter, over 40 style blogger, 40 + style blogger, J. Crew long merino sweater winter boyfriend jean look, blue and white striped ruffle top, leopard belt, over 40 style blogger, over 40 fashion bloggerWearing: Sweater – J. Crew Factory (old), Jeans – Gap (old, but these are similar), Shirt – H&M, Necklace – J. Crew, Boots – Loeffler Randall, Bag – Coach (old).

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