Flouncy Light Blue Shirt Dress

Holy crap, I’m not wearing black!

I picked up this dress when I was in Paris in April. (Sing it with me now…  “April in Paris…”) I’ve always been intrigued by the store, COS. I’ve been in a few on my travels, but never really had an opportunity to do much of anything other than a quick browse. There was a COS store just around the corner from our hotel in the St. Germaine neighborhood. One afternoon after surviving some serious sight seeing activities everyone was chilling at the hotel and glued to their phones, so I decided to go down to the store.

I tried on a BUNCH of things, and ended up deciding on this dress. A lot of their styles are really oversized and that look doesn’t do much for my figure. I think you have to be long and lean to wear the oversized look well. I am neither long, nor lean. There were some non-oversized styles and those are what I gravitated to. I do like that many of their dresses are longer and therefore, work appropriate. Or life appropriate, if you are like me and not wanting to show as much leg as I used to. Basically, short skirts and dresses are just too much work. You have to sit “just so”, you have to be careful when bending, you can’t reach over your head. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I want to be able to move freely without constantly worrying that my butt is going to hang out.

I’m not sure about the ethics or sustainability of the COS brand. I did a bit of a search and came up with a grade C. So, they clearly could do better. I know they are owned by H&M. In my defense, I did buy this before I made my declaration to myself and all of you to be a better, smarter consumer.

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On My Radar Lately

Happy Friday, friends!

I’ve rounded up some items to share with you that have hit my radar lately. All of these items are from ethically minded brands or artisans. I hope you enjoy my finds:

On my radar
  1.  All I want to wear are dresses and it seems as if my love for black has returned in full force. I’m in love with the simple chic style of this black dress from Everlane.
  2. I’m in need of a new summer hat. I don’t like to be out in the sun without one. It is incredibly hard for me to find a hat that fits because I have a pea head. This Panama hat from Cuyana comes in a bunch of sizes, so I’m inclined to think that they just may have a size small enough that will fit.
  3. These earrings from Rebecca Mir Grady are gorgeous! I have very, very, very sensitive ears and can’t wear anything other than gold or platinum or they will rot. Hence, why you have never seen me embrace the big earring trend. I’ve been looking for some bar type earrings in gold forever. I am totally smitten with these. (Dear husband – hint.)
  4.  I love the big gold buckle on these sandal from M.Gemi. Is is just me, or do they have a cool 70s vibe? The dark brown color really speaks to me, but they also come in black and nude.


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It’s Pretty Basic, Really

Basics for the win again! Grab a few, mix and match, and VOILA… You have an outfit. When in doubt invest your money in good basics. Those are the work horses of your closet. The price per wear for this denim jacket is pennies at this point. Hands down it is the most worn item in my closet.

I too, am drawn to the crazy prints, totally ridiculous fabrics, and haute couture. I drool when I walk through Saks or Neiman Marcus. Hi Gucci. Hi IRO. Hi Chanel. Hi Stella. However, I realize that with my lifestyle, it is highly unlikely that I would ever wear any of those types of items enough to get my money’s worth. I’ll continue to put my money towards basics that I can wear over and over, because I’m a basic b*#$^.

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